Real Housewives of Atlanta:Season 7 Reunion Part 3

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Season seven is finally come to a close, gosh!

Last night we begin where part 2 ended.    Firtingate!

Nene denying that she has EVER flirted with Peter,Lu Peter or Patricia.  Who agrees with Nene.  Now we know what we saw but Patrica was the gentleman, he said while he and Nene get along nothing ever happened between them.  Good move.   Then Peter takes it all away.  “if I’m gonna cheat on my wife, I’m gonna hit something big.”   Okay Everybody!


Kandi Burress and her husband Todd.  We get a look back at their sometimes turbulent first year together.  Kandi admits that maybe she’s been a little too open about their personal struggles on the show, but that’s just the type of person she is and when Andy asks her when was the last time they had sex. Kandi says, “Two days Ago”    Andy asked her did she get her boobs done?  “Let’s be clear: I’ve gotten fatter over the last couple years,” Kandi says. “My boobs, my thighs, my face, my arms– everything has gotten bigger.”   (pencils down)

Oh wait……..Mr Leakes had a comments about da boobs “Got Milk?”

Confessional, the Friendship Killer

Its one thing to learn via a third party,someone said something negative about you. Its another seeing and hearing your friend say something about you on TV or social media.   It would take a very strong person to look past the video.   The confessionals are taped later and edited into the episode.

That’s why a relationship that appears to be healed on camera, remains an issue during the reunion.  By the time the reunion airs, everyone has seen and heard what was said in the confessional .

A flash rewind then on to Nene’s Meltdown

Yes Claudia Jordan was there, sitting on the same spot on the sofa.  Her big contribution (they should have renew her contract after) Puerto Read Co, as she slayed the mighty Leakes.   (You know she is # 1 on Nene’s short list to be fired!) We review the beef between Nene and Cynthia. Kenya and Phaedra (see the Confessional Section)

Nene Breaks 

If there is one true romance, its is Gregg and Nene Leaks.  He is her rock and the love of her life.  He is the only one who can shift her and last night he gave us insight on his wife.

Andy asked Gregg,what really happened to Nene as a child. Gregg said Nene and one of her brothers were sent to Athens to be raised by her aunt. Her mom kept the other three kids. Nene wondered why she was abandoned and that pain has never been resolved.

Talking about her mother was too much, she walked off camera with Mr Jeff her buds and Cynthia.

Dr. Jeff’s diagnosis about the pain: “Pain is power but it begins to break you down.” Her breakdown was a breakthrough, Cohen said, and the fact the women were largely empathetic should make NeNe feel both less defensive and so over-the-top boastful around them. “I just think I’ve been misunderstood,” Nene said. “It’s really hard to talk about my mom or my dad. It’s just hard. Kinda of like, leave them in the past, don’t look back.”

Cynthia said she respected Nene for her vulnerability and Nene accepted her compliment. Andy asked why Nene was so defensive to Dr. Jeff.

The therapist figured Nene never felt like she was ever given the respect due for her hard work and success. She instead has felt betrayed by people on the show in the past, causing her abandonment issues to bubble up. He said these women want to respect her.

“You are really showing strength by being vulnerable,” Kenya said.  This I find interesting as Kenya and Nene have strong abandonment issues from their mothers.

Kandi Keepin it Real

I know Kandi gonna take heat, but I love her realness.  When everyone was giving Nene a hug.  Kandi wasn’t feeling it.  As if to say, look I am for Nene, but I am not gonna be phony and show this woman love when there isn’t love between us.

Next Season 8

The ratings for RHOA is lower than season 6.  For m,e it was the storylines and Nene.  I am a Nene fan. but her shtick has gotten old and I seem to enjoy the episodes without her.  Bring everyone else back accept Demetria.  If Kenya or  Pheadra uses the word whore in a sentence they should be forced to wear clothes from Wal Mart for the rest of the season or shot.  Perhaps Brandi Glanville from RHOBH and Heather Thompson the Jewish Sista  from RHONY should join the Atlanta team


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