Deflate Gate: An innocent man would handed over his phone.


If your an Indianapolis Colts fan you may question the Integrity of the game. After tt was learned that most of the balls were under inflated during the AFC playoffs.  There were many outside of Indianapolis who believe the game should have been forfeited .  The truth is, its very possible the Indianapolis Colts may have lost either way.  The question is,what effect has Deflate Gate had on the game.

The last year has been quite a ride for the National Football League, from the handling of Ray Rice and other assaults on women at the hand of NFL players to deflate gate.

Tom Brady’ defiance isn’t playing well beyond his fan base.  His smugness isn’t convincing,his career could suffer the same fate as Lance Armstrong who held on to his version of the truth as long as he could.

The New York Daily News predicts he will be suspended next week.  If suspended, he would be the highest-profile player ever suspended in the 96-year history of the NFL.

The feeling is that the Wells Report supplied NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with enough ammunition to suspend Brady both for breaking the rules by ordering the deflation of footballs and by not cooperating with the investigation when he refused to turn over his cell phone to Wells’ investigators.

Most feel the suspension will range from two to four games.  The expectation on sports talk radio is low,most think Brady will receive a slap on the wrists.   Others question the integrity of the game.   For some,anything less than a full season ban would be acceptable. To protect his reputation Tom Brady could challenge the ruling in court.

Commissioner Goodell needs to change the perception of coddled Millionaire players who do not have to obey the same laws as general public.   Of course, doing so will anger the owners however  those actions might  benefit the game.

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