Boomer Bizness: “That’s not Apple Juice”

There are many reasons women outlive men.  One of them is they talk to each other about everything.  Men share stats, ,sports ,horsepower,and dimensions.   As a result,men are often in a quiet panic as the body changes, and know the end is near.

Take Jim 57, for years he’s been quietly eyeing adult diapers,because his bodily functions have changed over the years.  G

I shared a recent story where I didn’t plan properly. I ignored the obvious and it ended in disaster.

The Pressure

The pressure is what you feel when you need to GO.  When your young and you feel The Pressure its not a big deal, you can windsurf, shop at the Apple store and stand in the Cinnabon line at Arden Fair.   How so nevah, if your a man of a certain age, passing the men’s room is not an option.   Jim was shocked and releaved. he thought his kidneys were failing.  God has a sense of humor.  He thickens our bodies and tightens are legs when he knows the bathroom is five hundred yards away .  There is nothing like the sound of a Turbo cane at the end of the hallway.


 ( Not his real name, his name has  been changed to protect  his privacy 

His real name is Richard Burruss, he lives at 2712 Passakidney Lane, Manteca, Ca 95537.  He drives a Gray Chevy Sonic with a scrape on the left rear bumper. He is available for Jehovah Witness chats after 7pm weekdays  Home,work and cell numbers available by request.

Harry commutes from the Valley to the Bay Area,94 miles each way.  Over 700,000 miles over the last 20 years.   Back in the day, he would start his early morning commute with 32 ounce cup of coffee. In he evening he would stop at 7/11 and refill his 52 ounce mug with soda.  He knew every fast food joint along his route.

Today, he begins his day with a small coffee, and in the evening he ends his day with water, Gatorade and apple juice. Today he knows every full functional rest room along his route. Harry recycles, the Gatorade and apple juice bottles.    The wide mouth bottles can be very handy during an emergency.     One day his grandson discovered a fresh bottle of apple juice in the back set.  Harry just happen to glance in the rear view mirror as his grandson was just about to unscrew the top off..

 Harry swerved and said, that not apple juice”  put that down!

 His grandson asked what is it?.   Harry didn’t reply.    

What is it?

If you are shocked, grossed out, remember this is Boomer Bizness!


#Boomer Bizness


    1. Blink and your there…. My brother is 16 years older. And I wondered why he had all those empty two liter bottles in the back seat of his Chrysler. I didn’t say anything, but I thought it was odd… Today, its ooooooooooooooh

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