Dilemma: The last meatball is on the floor

It is a masterpiece or meats-ter-piece of  beef,veal and pork.. The seasoning is flawless.  The gravy (sauce) is so flavorful that you’d weep and make a scene.

In fact the first time I tasted it I wept and made a scene.    I was told, they spend days making the sauce.   This wonderful spaghetti was made at a family owned restaurant in Union City New Jersey.  A dear friend dropped it off last night.

It was the last meatball, I couldn’t believe ate 7 large meatballs and I’m down to the last meatball and down to the last few drops of the wonderful gravy.  ( I can barely type through the tears)

The phone rang,I went for the phone and knocked the plate over, the meatball rolled on to the floor.

FFFFF them, my meatball is on the floor.

The cleanliness of the floor is question

But who am I kidding

Damm, that’s some good (you know)


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