Yikes!! City Employee Accuses Mayor KJ of Sexual Harrassment

Q:  Where was the Mayor Tuesday?

A: Possibly being Prepped for Yesterday’s Press Conference

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said sexual harassment allegations made against him

The City Council voted 7-0 in a closed-door session Tuesday night to approve Sanchez’s recommendation to reject Muller’s claim, according to a source with direct knowledge of the vote. Johnson was absent for that vote and the evening’s public City Council meeting.


Last month, Estrellita Ilee Muller (Sacramento City Manager,former executive assistant) filed claim with the City Clerk’s Office in April and sought $200,000 in damages from the city

Details, Details

She says was summoned to the mayoral library on the fifth floor of City Hall by one of Johnson’s security officers on Dec. 26, 2013. Johnson closed the door when he and Muller entered the library and gave her “an unwelcome and close hug, pressing his body against her’s, then felt her along her torso and tried to kiss her and asked her if she “felt it”

Muller is married and said the mayor continued pursing her through the summer of 2014. In her claim, she says she told several representatives and that those representatives “offered no helpful advice and took no action in response to receiving the information.”  before moving to the city’s Human Resources Department in October, a switch she said in her claim was “in order to more successfully avoid Mr. Johnson.”

Mayor KJ Says

The “incident described in the complaint simply never happened.     “As an elected official, I understand that I am a target of attacks,”  “And I understand that even though this is an allegation — one that independent counsel has found to have absolutely no merit — it will generate headlines and wound me, my family, and our city. That is sad and disappointing on so many levels.”     The case is considered closed, KJ told reporters Thursday.

Was there a Settlement?

Etan Rosen, an attorney representing Muller, initially told The Bee on Thursday he would not comment because the case was “ongoing.” But Thursday afternoon, the mayor’s office issued a statement on behalf of Rosen saying “my client is satisfied with the conclusion of this matter.”

When contacted by The Bee to verify that he made the comment, Rosen replied, “What did it say?” He then confirmed that his client was “satisfied with the process” and that she would not seek a civil lawsuit.

Asked if Johnson had reached a paid settlement with Muller, the mayor’s political adviser,       Steve Maviglio, referred that question to Sanchez. The city attorney did not return phone calls and emails seeking comment. A message left at Rosen’s office asking whether a settlement had been reached was not returned.

Sacramento Bee

With his second term coming to a close, and Strong Mayor dead.  KJ might be positioning himself for something beyond Sacramento.   He is currently the President of the U.S, Conference of Mayors and former President of National Conference of Black Mayors.
KJ has been the subject of several investigations of sexual misconduct in Sacramento and Phoenix, dating back to the nineties. A draft agreement that had Johnson paying a $230,000 settlement to a 16-year-old Phoenix girl he had mentored in the mid-1990s. She told police he fondled her. He had denied it.   No charges were filed.
Inside the city limits of Sacramento his history is history.  Outside of Sacramento, this new claim could be problematic.

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3 thoughts on “Yikes!! City Employee Accuses Mayor KJ of Sexual Harrassment

  1. Why are you protecting him?
    Youre right ,he was practicing for he press conference
    Why dont you tell the truth! Why didnt you right about all of his crimes that he got away with.
    He is a pervert! This reminds me of Bill Cosby thing, all these women cant be wrong!


    1. Ana, Not sure were or how were are protecting him. The Mayor has been accused, not convicted. The payment in Phoenix doesn’t mean he was guilty. As for the current complaint. There are some within the city says its dead. There are others who say wait and see. That’s the position were taking.


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