Real Housewives Of New York – “Double Down On Delusion” (Reaction and Recap)

Enjoying the Real Housewives of New York this season and this episode was very entertaining


Bravo Bravo

On tonight’s new episode of Bravo’s, “Real Housewives Of New York,” the ladies travel to Atlantic City to celebrate Ramona’s birthday.  As you can expect, there was a huge amount of drama, but I never expected it to start so soon!  There are a few things about the episode that I want to discuss:

1. Let My People In!”

Some of the ladies arrived to Sonja’s house on time, but I guess the limo was late as well as Sonja.  The ladies try to go in Sonja’s house because it’s pouring rain outside.  Sonja’s interns answer the door and won’t let them in because Sonja doesn’t want anyone in the house.  Forcing your friends back out into the rain?  Really Sonja?  I completely understand not wanting people in my house, but under some circumstances at least let them sit down in the living room.  The only thought I have…

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