The I-NFL 1.0 “Women and Brady “

By CityFella

The NFL currently earns 10 Billion a year. With lucrative sponsoring and  broadcasting deals they project their earnings to be more than 25 Billion by 2027.

But there are cracks in its image.  Cracks that could  impact the future financial growth of the league.   I call it the ” I-NFL”  I for Image and Integrity.  After a devastating PR blunder, NFL Commission Roger Goodall is attempting to fill in those cracks by aggressively punishing those who could damage the Image and Integrity of the league.

 Punch 45

Forty five percent of the NFL’s Fan base are women.

Ray Rice incident cracked open the wall of silence.  Where the public learned that the league silenced abused wives and girlfriends of players.   Not only did the league silence the women, the abuse were sliced by individuals who are their to protect them, the police.  Perhaps fans, some members of police department,did not report the abuse.

The women who reported the abuse to the league were told  ‘Oh, we’re really sorry that you are going through this. We’ll look into it.’ , no one did

.To be fair, there are some women who choose not report the abuse, however there are stories that suggest women connected to professional players may have fewer options.

Incidents were not reported. Going to authorities, whether police or hospitals, means social exclusion and, more importantly, negative media attention that could end the career of the player and damage the brand.

After the Rice incident, the public learned of the incentives for the managers, coaches, and union reps to keep negative stories under wraps.

No one bought the story, of the NFL not knowing the existence of the Rice video.  Commissioner Roger Goodall was widely criticized by his  inaction and despite his public about face and were taking abuse seriously. We have Ray McDonald .

Last August , the defensive end for the San Francisco 49’s was booked on suspicion of  felony domestic violence.   The victim (baby mama) refused to cooperate with police and no charges were filed.    The team dropped him after another charge. citing his pattern of poor decision making.

This should have been the end of his career.

Saying they believed in second chances the Chicago Bears picked him up. Another slap  in face to the 45.

Sports Writer Nancy Armour of USA Today says The Commissioner should slap a hefty fine and dock and ban the owners of the Bears.

Its not enough to simply punish the players who inflict abuse on women and children. If the NFL want the good work it has done over the last year to combat domestic violence to actually mean something , it has to go after the owners and GM’s who have long enabled them”

Brady Brady Brady

“Suspending a star football player for two games for beating his wife; another star player for four games for under inflating his footballs; then pandering to women with shameless “NFLPink” products and merchandise: PRICELESS!”

Brian Joyce for The Huffington Post

James McNally and John Jastremski.  Remember their names.

These two men, both former ball boys whose roles evolved within the organization over the years were suspended indefinitely .  These two earn somewhere between $100 to $150 per game.   NFL  said the pair  could not be rehired without the league’s approval. Tom Brady will earn 8 million dollars this year.

Everybody Cheats

Some members of the press was outraged by Brady’s suspension.  Saying the suspensions were unfair.  They said, Goodall had gone too far, because everyone cheats.  Why pick on Tom, when others have done far worse.   Empathy for the ball boys who were in contact with Brady was  non existent .


Last Sunday,  a few hundred Patriot fans held a Rally for Tom Brady.  They were joined by Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.).  They feel the punishment is too harsh.   In resent polling, the nation sides with Goodall, the punishment is just.

Dan Le Batard of ESPN writes:  “ It is pretty hard to claim and protect integrity when one NFL owner is paying a $92 million settlement to truckers to make a federal fraud indictment vanish … and another owner insists on keeping a racist slur as his team’s nickname … and another owner is getting arrest   with a briefcase full of pills and $29,000 cash … and another owner is allegedly being sextorted for Internet photos … and all the owners are paying a settlement of hundreds of millions to try to get their concussed former employees to go away while the current bigger-stronger-faster employees may or may not be tilting the allegedly even playing field with human growth hormone.”

The NFL, has a long way to go

UPDATE: Wednesday

Ray Mcdonald Re-Arrested For Violating Restraining Order

(click link for story)

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