GO GRACE! The 67 year old Icon performs topless in Sydney

She Got This………


From Perth Now

GRACE Jones is still as body confident as ever, so much so that the 67-year-old had no qualms performing topless in Sydney last night.

With only some tribal bodypaint, a waist-length corset and string bikini brief to cover her modesty, the Jamaican-born singer took to the stage and rocked the dramatic look.

Jones had first stepped on stage wearing a gold skull mask and feathered headpiece covering her face and black material wrapped around her body, before removing it to reveal the bodypaint.

The star also had dark lipstick and eye makeup, with the tribal paint also on her face.

It was the singer’s first time in Austraia since her tour in 2011. She will also perform at the Carriageworks in Sydney tonight and tomorrow night as part of the Vivid festival.