It isn’t always about Race

I was watching a Bravo show with a friend a few nights ago.   One of the characters on this New York City based reality show was arrested.

Sobbing she tells her friend the story.

The cab she hailed went in the wrong direction and driver ignored her directions. Angry and frustrated , she insisted he stop and let her out. Because of his incompetence ,she refused to pay.  The driver called the police, were (from what I get from her story) she was handcuffed and arrested for her refusal to pay the cabbie for his services.

It was an humiliating experience and she feels it  happened because she was a black women.


She wanted Justice and contacted an attorney,  After a talk (retaining fees etc) she was less angry.

She found compassion from some of her girlfriends others were less so, sighting her personality.

I know Manhattan pretty well, east from west, uptown to downtown and I know where the Hudson and East Rivers are.  If I have a wayward driver, I jump out of his cab at the first stop light, throw the cash (without a tip)on front seat and I’m out.  If I get a wayward driver, I don’t automatically make that leap to race,  I simply,have a wayward driver.  I will pay him for his services and cut, print, its a wrap.    New Cab.

For some, the default is race

I wasn’t hired, He is in jail for.. He was stopped for….

If you are black or a person of color ,you have history to support that default.  Its a real today.

While I am not consumed by it,   It is something I am very aware of . As I have been stopped, searched, interrogated and detained because of my Race. ( My ID, Vehicle Registration and lights were operating correctly each of the seven times I’ve been stopped)   Race has a major role in my business and personal lives.   I realize race makes some people uncomfortable, however,that uncomfortably isn’t always racism.

I also know the playing field is far from level.

There are some, the default is race, or sexuality. They didn’t get the job because they are female,a person of color, or gay.  For them that is the only logical conclusion.     Its inconceivable that there was someone more qualified, someone who performed better on the test. or they  lost their job because of their conduct or arrested and taken to jail for not paying the cab driver.