Flash Opinion: Catylin Jenner-Hero?

By CityFella

Catylin Jenner journey and transformation is very positive for the transgender community.  Her public journey  has generated conversation and this conversation will  educate the general public.    Her story shines a light for those men and women who suffer in silence. There are many who do not understand their journey( including some in the LGBT community)  and cannot relate to social problems faced by transgendered men and women.

Is she a Hero? 

Catylin (Bruce) Jenner is a celebrity.  As a Celebrity ,she had two choices, to go underground and move to a country where she isn’t known or go public.    Catylin is part of reality show, where every cough generates money. “E!” entertainment cable channel that airs “Keeping up with the Kardashians”will also air an eight-episode documentary series chronicling her new life as a transgender woman.

I am one of the nearly 21 million people who watched her on 20/20. I was struck by her honesty, compassion and pain. I had much admiration for her.  Is she a hero?  no.

America is one of the places were the people root for the underdog.  Having said that, I believe any public person telling their story would tug at our hearts.  When I think of an hero, I think of  Brad Pitt who quietly financed and built home for the poor in New Orleans, the Rosie O Donnell’s who quietly gives millions back. and many other non-celebrities who extends themselves to help others.

I am sure there are many who will disagree with my definition.

ESPN has chosen Catylin Jenner over Mount St. Joseph basketball player Lauren Hill, to receive this years Espy Award.

“An ESPY Award is an accolade presented by the American cable television network ESPN to recognize individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance during the calendar year preceding a given annual ceremony”

Hill, who courageously battled brain cancer while staying on the university team. She raised over a 1 million dollars for pediatric cancer research. 19 year old Lauren died April 10.

She is my definition of hero.


4 thoughts on “Flash Opinion: Catylin Jenner-Hero?

  1. I wouldn’t say Caitlyn is hero in the general sense and she defdefinitely does not deserve the ESPY award. However, I think she is hero to people who struggle with this issue. I do believe the trans community deserves a lot more respect. And people should know now that this is a real issue that sme people go through. Until I saw Bruce’s (now Caitlyn) interview with Diane Sawyer I did not realize she felt this way. Seeing her (as Bruce) on Keeping up with the Kardashian’s I always thought she was a serious person. So I know this is not a stunt (nor do I believe you feel that way) but some people may believe that other trans people are going through a phase or do things like this as a stunt. For that reason, I believe she is a hero. She is a great example of someone who grew up struggling with who they were. Because physically she was not who she knew she was inside: a woman.


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