Smiling, Twerking, for my enjoyment.

There is a new Motel 6 in Sacratomatoville.(clearly you missed the parade)  Its on 16th Street, the former Village Inn.   A friend is staying there this  week hoping to find a new home in the 916.   The 6 is spanking brand new, with genuine wood looking vinyl floors. The new 6 is without hangers and an ice machine.

My friends needs supplies so were off to the Truxel Wally Mart for ice, an ice chest ,hangers and a steamer for his clothes.

As I waited, a young woman stopped and stared into my car.  She walked back and forth smiling(she’s a happy girl). At one point, she stopped and started twerking in front of my dusty GM car.   She stopped mid-twerk after someone came out of the office.

She returned to the right side of my car window(I guess so I could see her twerking skills up close)  occasionally turning around and  smiling.

There were few cars in the lot that evening.   She didn’t ask me if I were lonely or needed company an even though I’m a CityFella,  one shouldn’t assume.    She may have simply twerked for my enjoyment.