” She’s a doting mother who told her six year old son to punch a woman in the face (Video)

Johnny, punch her in the face! Johnny, punch her in her fucking face! yelled Amber Stephenson.

The 34 year old Indiana resident say’s  “I don’t raise my children to take any shit!!

A few days ago,M’s Stephenson encouraged her six year old to punch out Rebecca Mills in a Walmart outside of Indianapolis.  The six year old joined her mother in the brawl, he kicked and punched her and poured shampoo on Mills.

The clips which has gone viral ,were shot by Wal Mart patrons

She’s SO Proud

In a Facebook message Amber thanked her supporters.   I didn’t know standing up for someone is wrong and sorry I don’t raise my children to take any shit!!!”  

In a radio interview on the Ricky Smiley show, she said Mills used a racial slur during a dispute with a Wal Mart employee. I didn’t hear in references in the fight videos (let me know if I missed it) Apparently she called an employee a nigger.

He’s So Proud

On his Facebook page, Johnny’s dad said “That’s my baby she wont start shit but she will definitely finish it!  love u babe.” He also claimed, “it was self defense and Walmart didn’t have any security to stop it.”

Bad Parenting 

Amber who just started a new job in a Dentist Office seems to enjoying the notoriety.  I’m sure she’s getting high fives from some friends and family members not to mention those buds on Facebook.  While both women could face counts like disorderly conduct and criminal damage for their mutual combat, the boy’s mother seems to have further criminal exposure. In prior cases where parents have directed their children to start or join fights, charges have included child abuse, child endangerment, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Let hope a proper court will give her lesson in parenting.  If you a teacher in Indianapolis, imagine having this child in your class In the videos you can see Johnny has no problem getting in the faces of other adults(they can’t tell him what to do) and if he isn’t threaten by another adult……

Just an Observation…..

Rebecca?  M’s Mills…. “Sweetie Dahling”  When we first see you, your on one of Wal Mart’s electric carts. We see you go a few rounds with Amber, crashing to the cement floor on more than one occasion. Punched and kicked in the head. We see you shampooed and conditioned and walk way with nary a limp?      So why da cart?

(Silly) CityFella


Amber was arrested (click the link for story)



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