Rachael Doezler Identifies as black “Bless Her Heart”

Photo: New York Daily News

By CityFella

From all accounts, she has a  exemplary record as an social activists, she is well respected within her community.  Doezler had the respect because of  her work.  Today its gone, the pieces are dust.

She could come clean.  She could say, it was all a lie. I am terribly sorry and I’m embarrassed and ashamed.  She could say I’m sorry for those I mislead and I am especially sorry that I have hurt close friends and family.

She could say that.

Telling the truth is complex

This morning on the Today Show, Matt Lauer asked her if she is an African American she says I identify as black.   When asked why did she mislead people about “her” race she said it was complex, a word she used often.

Dolezal also defended her decision to claim that Albert Wilkerson, a black man, is her father but said it was not to enhance her credentials as a civil rights advocate.  “We connected on an intimate level as family,” she said. “Albert Wilkerson is my dad. Any man can be a father. Not every man can be a dad.”

During the interview, there were many crumbs on Ms Dolezal lips.

Identifying with a different Culture

Its not uncommon to identify with a different culture.  I am not an expert, I suspect it some of it has to do with locale.     I have quite a few Caucasian, Chinese, Latino and Filipino friends who are more comfortable with black people.    They are not co-opting a lifestyle, this is who they are.  With the exception of my Chinese friend, they are all married to black women.   This comes at cost, as there are some who view their persona as form of  dress up and mockery.  Something I know well, as  I was accused of dressing and talking like white folks.

In my humble opinion, Rachael may Identify with blacks, however, what she did was lie.   Her lie denies the existence of her parents, who made her future possible and the existence her older brother.  Her credibility is history.   The crumbs are on her face and continues to leave a trail.

Her future?

This is America

A reality show, a movie on her life, or in politics.

Bless Her Heart


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  1. I can relate. As a Caucasian growing up in Hawaii, I can relate to the minority mindset. I relate better to almost all other ethnicities except Caucasian. I am fine with Caucasians, but I find it the most taxing. Aloha


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