Emimen Should Look Happier after making History… (Apparently Not)

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By Adam Fleischer/MTV

Early in his career, Eminem was a wild and zany jokester. In his songs, music videos, interviews — wherever, really — his acting over-the-top was pretty consistent. In recent years, though, Em has gotten a bit more serious, both in his music and demeanor.

Even with that, his lack of enthusiasm when he was presented with an award by the Recording Industry Association of America  (RIAA) on Monday is a bit surprising.

After all, he was being honored as the first artist in RIAA’s Gold & Platinum award history to earn two Digital Diamond awards. That means two of his songs — “Love the Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid” — sold more than ten million copies. That’s a reason to smile, right?

Apparently not.

Maybe he just wasn’t excited because he’s known about this for about a year. Last July,the RIAA announced that Eminem had set the record, but it seems it just took until now to actually present him with the honor.

“We are delighted to recognize Eminem as the first artist to earn two RIAA Digital Diamond Awards,” Cary Sherman, Chairman & CEO of the RIAA, said in a statement.  “This singular achievement — earning a Diamond Award on two separate digital songs — is unparalleled, and we congratulate him on forever etching a mark in Gold & Platinum Program history.”

Or, maybe he just isn’t as enthused about this award as he was with his VMA back in 2000.

Either way, it’s an impressive feat.

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