Donald Trump has ” A great relationship with the Blacks : Just Sayin for Thursday April 28,2011


President Barrack Obama is the first President in modern history to present his Birth Certificate on National Television!

Millions  of Americans are unemployed, the price of fuel threatens the nations economic recovery, the Nations is involved in two costly wars and the number one issue is if he was born in the United States? .

Donald Trump’s  response….see I made him jump, I’m the only one who could make it happen!

Next stop, on the Donald’s express is the President’s credentials, he now wants to see the president’s college grades and he is asking questions about how the president was able to get into Columbia University and Harvard. He suggests the president was the beneficiary of affirmative action

This is a sensitive issue for many professional blacks, as there are many who assume that blacks are not capable without governmental assistance.

Many years ago, I was a volunteer with a environmental group and a couple of people…

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