06/24/2015 Mush -Trump #2- Valueless Stuff for the Kings- Pinocchio is a Real Newscaster – Maya!Maya!Maya!

Donald 2

Has it been a week?  In a poll conducted by Suffolk University.   Donald (La DON)Trump is number two in the great state of  New Hampshire a few points shy of  “Just Jeb” (he doesn’t use his last name) .Just a few days ago, we learned of his warm feelings about the “Mexican” people, we also learned New York is a border state with Mexico. Where he and the border guards regularly share Subway Sandwiches and talk illegals. In a recent interview La DON said Latinos Love him.

Come on its just stuff and I want a refund!

In day two of the Sacramento Arena Deal Trial, we learned the thousands of parking spaces at downtown, Billboards on city property not mentioned in the deal were just sweeteners. Former Councilmen Kevin McCarthy wanted the city to be transparent on the value of the deal.  Assistant City Manager John Dangberg said giving them away, didn’t cost the city any money. McCarthy said if they didn’t have any value, why did the Kings take it?    I will take it a step further, if the parking spaces in Downtown Plaza didn’t have any value to the city, then why was I charged?”

Lying is serious Bizness ,Ask Brian Pinocchio Williams

Page Six says some of the staff at MSNBC chanted “Fuck Brian Williams at a network party a couple years ago.  With Williams officially going to MSNBC the story is gaining traction. Rachel Maddow said on-air last week she was “really happy” about Williams joining MSNBC and she believes in “second chances.” But, “It is quite possible that I’m causing some schpilkas [extreme nervousness] somewhere in this building because I’m talking about this.”

Maya Maya Maya… Maya Rudolph Does The White Black Lady on Seth Meyers

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