Can You Believe “Ironic” was released 20 years ago?

So how old are you again?

A friend of mine loved this singer LOVED her . She insisted that I listen to this singer, it was going to be life altering. Somewhere between track 4 and 7, I was done.  Someone buzzed the door, before the  guest could sit down ,she was re-starting the CD.   Oh hell 2 the no!  I thought to myself.  I needed to escape, (I left my hamster on the front seat) something!  I’m not sure what I said to get my freedom.  I was free.

Fast forward, to “95”  and I am listening to “The Tom Leykis Show” and he is going on about this singer. He’s a fan and was very dissapointed with her latest CD, for him it was too commercial, too mainstream.   He played a few seconds of “Ironic” I loved it. I  I drove over to the Tower Records at 16th and Broadway and bought ” Jagged Blue Pill”  the CD was on Heavy Rotation on my daily commute to San Francisco.

One day I called my friend and asked her if Alanis Morrissette was the singer on the CD, she said yes ,it was from her CD “Now is the Time.  I told her I loved Jagged Blue Pill  and I liked the track Head over Feet. I thought we had a bond, but she was over Alanis and said she would mail “Now is the Time” to me.

Jagged Little Pill sold over 33 million copies. Alanis Morrissette is the recipient of 7 Grammy’s and 16 Juno Awards (think Canadian Grammy)