Baby, make my Double Cheese special. You know what I want on it.

Tommy Lee, could never say no to his Boo, Ashley.  She wanted a Double Cheeseburger from Micky D’s   Now the double cheese is made up of two all beef patties, two yellow orange slices of cheese , two pickles, onion, mustard and catsup.

But she wanted her hubby to dress it up a bit and he knew how she liked. Now ,Mcdonald’s is in nearly every town that has a stop sign.   But Ashley cant go out at the moment, she is locked up in the Red Bay, Alabama city jail for a theft charge.

So Tommy Lee, bought the double cheese, added his special touches and dropped it off for the lovely Ashley.

Now this is liberal jail, (holds four inmates-cant you just see Aun’t Bee with her little basket) and they allow inmates to get food and packages from family and friends.

The Police, looked at the DC and discovered his fixings.  Two Oxycodone pills between to the patties.


No all points bulletins was needed, they know who brought the DC.  He was the same man who dropped off a book to his Boo.

The Red Bay Police arrested Tommy Lee Thompson for promoting prison contraband.   Tommy Lee, made the $2500 bond that kept him out a jail.  Something tells me with his wife inside his assets are safer outside.

The police department has change its food and package policy.

No word, if  the lovely Ashley received the Double Cheese*


* The basis of the story is true, the details were manufactured in the USA  in the bizarre confines of my mind for your enjoyment..