Observaton: BIG PEOPLE Abusing Electric Shopping Carts In Wal Marts

Photo: strangedaysindeednews.blogspot.com/via Google Images 


A few weeks ago there was yet another fight in a  Wal Mart.  Rebecca Mills was cruising in a suburban Wal Mart in Indiana on one of stores courtesy electric carts.  At one point ,Ms Mills became annoyed at a worker who was stocking shelves for blocking the aisle.    Amber Stephenson came to the defense of the worker and in one of the videos she questioned why she was in the cart.  In the viral video we can clearly see the able bodied woman fighting and rolling in the aisles.

I often see, what I believe are able bodied obese men and women shopping in these carts. Rarely do I see handicapped or  elderly people in these vehicles.

A few years ago, I had minor foot surgery and borrowed one of the carts.  I’ll admit, the first few minutes on the cart was fun,  driving through the superstore.   When I reached the food section of the store I noticed everyone in the cars was obese and I’ll admit, I was a bit self conscious .  None of the people I saw that day had any difficulty getting out of the cart to reach an item on the higher shelves.

I am an obese man, over 300 pounds.  There are people who have medical problems and need assistance.  I don’t know if the people I observed have real medical problems.  Having said that, when I see people able to get on and off these carts without issue, I question their disability.    In my mind, I say to myself, you need to get your big ass off that cart and walk!

Just my Observation


BTW: Both Ladies in the Wal Mart fight was banned from shopping in at all Wal Marts

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