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One Pill makes you LARGER and one pill makes you small 

Zero to sixty in 19 days…….    Its taken nearly twenty days …  20 days before someone in the Republican Party to condemn Donald Trump’s Racist Statement about Mexico and Mexicans.  Marco Rubio was the first to speak out against Trump followed by Mitt Romney,Jeb Bush and Rick Perry.   With NASCAR joining a list of companies abandoning LA DON expect more Republican to follow. The challenge for the GOP is to somehow convince Latino voters it was just a dream.

Hillary Clinton will Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson wont   KJ dosesn’t want the public to see private emails he sent to an attorney while he was involved with The National Conference of Black Mayors  Must be somethin juicy  inside  La Mayor sued Sacramento News & Review, to stop certain emails from becoming public. A judge is likely to rule on Thursday. get you napkins ready.#juicy

 AGAIN! Okay, like who hasn’t need Kim Kardashian nakkkkkkkkkkkked!  Right?  Kanye’s wife is threatening to sue a company selling pictures of her while she was lying NeKKid by her pool.  TMZ says the company removed the picture from its web site.  Probably until her mom works out an equable deal .

OOPSIE !  In da big tomata you have a choice.  You can see fireworks show downtown or at Cal Expo.   Cal Expo near the center of town is by far the favorite venue. Thousands pay to park their cars to see the fireworks.  According to report,s 10 minutes into the show ,sparks from the firework cause several small fires.  The event was cancelled.  They haven’t decided  if they are going to issue parking issues. #howrude

CHEAP GREECE? With Greek Voters choosing to leave the EU, the country will reissue its own currency the Drachma. Before Greece joined the EU one dollar equaled nearly 340 Drachmas. can someone say SALE!

#Confused  A few years ago K street businesses said K Street should be opened to traffic ,its would benefit business.   On weekends K Street is often closed to traffic. #whattrafficitsKstreet

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