BINGE WATCHING: 6 and half hours “Grace and Frankie”

Who isn’t a fan of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.  Like Whoopi Goldberg, the ladies aren’t  manufactured stars, these women march to their own beat  Their opinions, beliefs, passions have come at a professional cost to them and yet they are still standing.   Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda worked together in Nine to Five decades ago.

In Grace(Fonda) and Frankie(Tomlin) don’t like each other and forced to air kiss and fake it because their husbands are law partners and best friends.

At a choreographed dinner,the ladies learned after 40 years of marriage their husbands are divorcing them to be with each other. That’s right, their husbands are gay.and plan to get married, in fact the two men have been lovers for 20 years..

Law and Order’s Sam Waterston (Sol) and the West Wing’s Martin Sheen (Robert) are the husbands

How do you rebuild your life after 40 years?  In your seventies?  How do you come out after 40 years?

In this PC world, how do you get angry at a gay couple? At one point ,Grace complains that Robert and Sol get to live happily ever after and also hog the high road, since they are gay and not run-of-the-mill skirt-chasers. Had they left their wives for younger women they would be viewed as heels; in Malibu, at least, they are heroes.

  The show is very funny and poignant. She show is beautifully photographed.

 If I have one criticism ,its in the casting. Everyone is playing type.  It would have been interesting seeing Fonda and Sheen play the Berkeley types and Tomlin and Waterston playing the Connecticut types.

I’ve become a fan of NetFlix, I have Amazon Prime and Hulu. On Netflix, I can effortlessly pause and binge watch all day long, without Commercials.     You can find low quality episodes of this season on You Tube.

I am very much a fan of Grace and Frankie, I have watched all the episodes several times.  Lily Tomlin ,recently recieved an Emmy nomination for best actress in a comedy for her role as Frankie.

 While I like all the principles,my favorite is Sol, he is passionate, loves deeply and warm.  Something he didnt project on Law and Order. All 13 episodes in 6 and a half hours.

Grace and Frankie is a good time



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  1. Love, love, love Grace and Frankie, I force people to fall in love with this show, all the Principles should have been nominated for awards. I love House of Cards to. Watch it Sacraville. I like your blog, you guys are all over the place which makes you interesting. You guys need to watch your spelling, but its all good.


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