Greece: Pictures of Drunken British Tourist Appearing on a dedicated Facebook page.

  • Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For YouTurns Out KAVOS Was Ready For You

The drunken antics of boozed-up Brits going wild in a notorious Greek island resort are now appearing on a dedicated Facebook page.

Photos of passed out tourists in the Corfu hotspot of Kavos include party-goers unconscious on pavements, in hospital beds and being carried out through the streets.

The Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For You site was set up by a local worker called Silvar Laidlow who has posted selfies with beleaguered boozers.

Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For YouFallen down: An apparently unconscious girl appears on the Facebook page dedicated to the drunken behavior of Brits abroad

A shocking video shows a man drenched in sweat, with glazed eyes, dancing wildly at a nightclub while another shows a woman on a beach struggling to get her skirt on. More footage features a drunk floundering in the sand unable to stand.

One of the most disturbing videos shows a young man with what appears to be blood dripping from his eyebrows with a caption adding: “wen sum1 shaves ur brows wiv a knife”.

Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For YouWorse Wear: Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For You has been set up by a local worker: Some of the revelers are snapped on the sand after indulging on their holidays

There are a string of selfies including one featuring a man passed out on the ground with a half finished cocktail balanced on his head and the caption, “I couldn’t help but catch this poor lad out…”
Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For You

Another picture shows a lad sleeping on the toilet feet away from naked revelers with a caption that reads: “Missed out on jumping in the Jacuzzi with 4 absolute stunners!!”

Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For You

Another man’s prostrate body is covered in half-eaten food so friends can play a fast food version on Buckaroo, with the caption adds: “Think he’ll be staying in tonight!!”

A naked teenage boy curled up in a ball by the toilet is snapped with the message, “The Poor Kid Didn’t Stand A Chance”. Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For You

Slumped Over: People take snaps of passed out revelers and then post them on the social networking site

One selfie shows a young man giving the thumbs up as a friend lies unconscious on a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask and attached to a drip, with a caption that reads: “This Guy Luckily Had Insurance….”

This picture has been ‘liked’ 42 times with person commenting: “This will be ME”

Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For You

Many of the candid camera shots are far from flattering.Another pic shows a topless reveller lying flat on his back in the street with arms outstretched. Other images include friends carrying a shoe-less girl through town above the caption: ‘This is the Kavos version of the NHS”.

A video taken from inside a nightclub shows a drunken man attempting to dance – seemingly unaware he is lying on the seemingly unaware he is lying on the floor half asleep.Turns Out KAVOS Was Ready For You

 This picture shows a man apparently passed out during a meal

Another clip captures a man staggering around as his friends try to steady him, before he falls backwards and appears to hit his head on a plant pot.

Meanwhile, a young thrill seeker is sure to regret the new tattoo on his right thigh, depicting the logo of Piri-Piri chicken chain Nando’s with the words: “Oi oi, cheeky Nando’s on me”.

Unfortunately for him, that particular image has been shared almost 200 times and received almost 2,000 comments.


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