Sticky Fingers : Stockton Teacher “Jennifer Ann Matuska” said she took the Cash!

Last December, Elementary School teacher,  Jennifer Ann Matuska admitted stealing over twenty five thousand smackers from Stockton’s Taylor Elementary, Parent Teacher Organization for her personal use.

The jig was up after teachers questioned why there were no funds left for certain activities that had already been set up. The school discovered the organization’s bank account had been wiped out and closed.

Guess, who was in charge of the MO-nay?

Parent Teacher Organization’s are different than Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s)

 PTA’s are highly structured. Parents control distribution of funds, multiple signatures are generally required to withdraw funds, after approval from members of the PTA’s.

This is the second embezzlement case involving a Stockton Unified employee in the past two years. Former Bush Elementary Principal Marlesse Cavazos pleaded no contest early in 2014 to charges she embezzled from the school’s PTO.    Stockton Unified is slowly moving away from PTO’s

Yesterday, Matuska pleaded no contest to San Joaquin County Superior Court, after making restitution to Stockton Unified in the amount $13,585.00 she also agreed to perform 200 hours of community service.

Matuska resigned from the school district and is on one year probation .  As for the balance ,“If the school district wants more, they can ask for a hearing.” says San Joaquin Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor.




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