Whacked out Friday “Iowa High Let’s take a Selfie”

Someone, somebody’s need to get a grip. People using the smart phones to take pictures of everything. Hanging off the side or a car, taking a picture of an half eaten M&M, picking a nose, come on you know its crazy right?

Check it out, SO home cheese (not his real name)his real name  is Gilbert Phelps is out late night cruising in his Toyota Camry in Iowa City.   A police officer pulls over home cheese for speeding and having an obstructed registration sticker.

HC pulled over and the officer said he detected the odor of “ingested alcohol” inside the car.  HC said Yeah(my mind imagining the conversation) laugh, laugh ,cough cough, ” Hey officer Dude” been smoking some weed too. (Probably followed by a dumb ass grin) .

You already know Home Cheese failed every sobriety test( most likely followed by a smile) he’s 20, okay!

After a Breathalyzer test registered a .0 blood alcohol content, Phelps was examined by a “certified Drug Recognition Expert” who concluded that Phelps was “under the influence of cannabis and was unsafe to operate a motor vehicle. Duh!

While being tested HC asked to take a selfie with the officer (who gives a thumbs up)

That’s  Officer Ben Hektoen with the thumbs up !

Home Cheese was charged with operating while under the influence, a misdemeanor.

He’s prob a nice guy.

Next week he gets to take more pictures in court.


(Story via Smoking gun)