We dont need instructions or silly maps! We are Men! Dum ta dum dum dum

Men do not need maps or instructions, we rely on our superior intellect.  This intellect, sometimes prevent us from asking for help or directions.  We have an innate sense of direction and we know we will eventually get there and what ever were building will eventually come together.

We are often accused of trying the patience of  civilians who lose faith .after one or eleven misfires.  My older brother would rather drive then use the Hertz Supplied GPS or the GPS in his phone. Rumor has it, he doesn’t know how you use his phone based GPS and it would take longer to read Hertz instructions, so we ride.

One man (I wont use his name to protect his identity) ignored his wife’s ( Jill Appulad of Rocklin Ca- I said I would protect Steve’ identity not his wife’s)  concerns about a few pieces of vinyl, that later became important to anchor the wall unit.   After loading it with books and electronic gear, the unit fell as they slept destroying all the items on the unit.

I’ve beens attacked by my entire family, including my 3 year old daughter, who wanted to harm me with a plastic spoon after a couple of hours driving around Maryland looking for our Hotel.  Good thing she couldn’t figure out how to get out of her car seat.  My former wife said we passed the same Citgo station several times, so much so, she  claimed to know the faces of the employees inside.

Where is the loyalty?  What happen to stand by your man?   Eventually we will put it together, eventually we will find it. Because we are MEN!  Dum ta dum dum dum!


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