Fresh Organic Disneyland Underneath the Freeway


In the last few months. Some of my friends (Tech Refugees) have relocated to Sacratomatoville from the Bay Area.  Four different households have taken the money and ran to the river city.   I have been drafted at the official Sac go to person.

 Looking for fresh and organic food I suggested the farmers market underneath the W X freeway.   The Sunday, farmers markets is the place to be, this is the one place in Sacratomatoville where you might run into a local Celebrity or politician.

After some hesitation, the children ( 30 and 50 somethings took off with the canvas bags)   The kids were in their own Disneyland, buying free range happy organic chickens, Organic Beef raised on Catholic Farms . Fresh bake goods, gluten free cookies, flowers, a variety of juices, oils and potions

 There were random sightings of local TV personalities.  “You know that one with the big hair” or that one on channel 7 (we don’t have a channel 7) . After three hours or circling there was no room in the Prius and the Audi SUV was filled with flowers and random stuff.

Next Sunday, they intend to return with a plan.  I suggested the Tower Cafe for an early breakfast and told them to wear their Birkenstock’s