Don’t Poke DT with a stick- He doesn’t like it

By CityFella

It’s possible, very possible, that curtain is lowering on DT.  Possible.  There is a crack in the universe and he just might be losing control of the circus.   As long as the ringmaster is controlling all of the circus questions all is fine in the tent.

Dog faced women, Blacks and Mexicans adoring him.  Jeb Bush not speaking American and lets not forget about the wall. (hey lady pull my hair from the front).  Morons, and Clinton’s. Megan Kelly and O’Donnell, is the news he controls.

With a camera and a mike, HE determines what’s news.

On Thursday, he slipped, for a brief moment he responded to a presidential question.  Something that had nothing to do with Hillary’s hair color or the VMA’s      And he failed, he blamed the conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt , called him third rate. Accused the man of giving him a gotcha question.

The Question: “Are you familiar with General Soleimani?

In true DT form, he called a conservative on a liberal network to condemn the now third rate host who asked Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina the same question.

Sensing he wasn’t getting support on the liberal side, he back tracked, he misheard the question.

“And you know, by the way, when you said Quds versus Kurds, I thought he said Kurds, this third-rate radio announcer that I did the show – it was like got you, got you — every question was do I know this one and that one?”  “It was like he worked hard on that. But I thought he said Kurds.”

The is the second time when asked a Presidential Question he failed. DT will meet Hugh Hewett again. This third rate (DT words) will be one of the moderators during the next Republican Presidential debate on CNN.

The press and possibly Jeb Bush (who will communicate with DT in spanish) smell blood and will ask him presidential questions.  Like where is Canada?