Net Fiction ( finding the truth through the creamy nougat layers of BS)

 Joel Arends, Veterans for a Strong AmericaDT and Joel Arends of Veterans for a Strong America.
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In 1978, most Americans got there news via ABC, NBC, and CBS and through American Newspapers. Today everything everyone is news.  In addition to traditional news outlets ,social media is news.

For forty dollars are less, your a news outlet.  With a clever name (Huffington Post or Sacratomatoville Post)  you may be a news authority.

Say it loud enough, other bloggers may repost your story.A few years ago Justin Bieber, Canada’s bad kid was dominating the newscape. A blogger wrote at story about Bieber getting his ass kicked by a professional baseball player.  We found the story while it was hot and was planning to repost the article.    We were late, the story was all over social media and was picked up by a few major outlets.     But the story wasn’t true.  The picture was altered.  The ballplayer said it didn’t happen and Bieber was never in the area.  We fact check our stories, life being imperfect, every now and than we miss a few.

Last night,  MSNBC host Rachel Maddow exposed and possibly embarrassed DT on the eve of the GOP Presidential Debate.   The group hosting the event ” Veterans for a Strong America in Southern California.   DT’s appearance aboard the USS Iowa, was an event benefiting Veterans for a Strong America , with tickets ranging between $100 and $1,000.

What she discovered,the “veterans group” was an apparent one-man organization.   Maddow said, the Federal Election Commission filings for the group’s PAC reveal that, besides having only $30 cash in hand and $318 in debts, the organization’s only member is founder Joel Arends.

 Arends introduced DT at the rally Tuesday night and gave him the endorsement saying that they usually don’t endorse candidates until after the primary season is over. “VSA recognizes Mr. T as holding exceptional positions on national security and veterans issues, and equally recognizes Mr. T as an inherent leader capable of achieving mission success,” Arends said in a statement. T claimed at the event that Veterans for a Strong America has hundreds of thousands of members, but it appears to be only one person.
 Our Findings

What we learned via Linkedin , Facebook and other sources.

Joel Arends is an attorney based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Arends served in Iraqi war 2003-2005 . He is married ,with three children.  He reports he was Chairman of Lincoln County South Dakota Republican Party.  Executive Director of Vet of Freedom and  Field Director of the Bush Cheney campaign in 2000. Many of the dates in his Linkedin account overlap. He has been Chairman of Veterans for a Strong America  since January of 2010.

Mission Statement:  Veterans for a Strong America is a non-partisan action organization dedicated to educating the public, members of Congress and the Executive Branch about the importance of growing the world’s strongest, most robust economy, strengthening and modernizing America’s Armed Forces, implementing a common-sense national energy policy, implementing responsible intelligence reform and strengthening the ability of America’s law enforcement agencies to prosecute terrorism on a global battlefield; all in the name of keeping America safe and strong.

Veterans for a Strong America is a source of a reference for Fox News.  VSA’s hot buttons is Bin Laden ,Benghazi and Hillary’s emails.

The group is suing the State Department for Clinton’s emails and phone logs for around the time of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.  (Dailycaller)

There are may You tube videos,the only representative on those videos is Arends. Supporting Rachel Maddox’ statement. The other videos simply reference the organization.

In 2012, Veterans for a Strong America  hosted events for presidential candidates  Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorium, with the exception of Arends no one associated with VSA appeared on camera or in the audience.

According to, Veterans for a Strong America (2014-2013)has $30 in cash on hand, and $318 in debts.

In 2012, the organization received $156,120. The group donated $125,000 to Mitt Romney and the balance to Senatorial Candidate (ND)Rick Berg.

Despite his words (did I just say that? ) DT wants the support of  Veterans.  His attack on John McCain has never set well with Veterans. So imagine when one veterans group came to his defense.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think John McCain is strong on veterans’ issues,” said Joel Arends, chairman of  Veterans for a Strong America, which defended DT over the weekend in a statement that his campaign issued in a news release. “The problem is not John McCain’s record. The problem is how do we run government and is government going to be responsive to men and women who’ve laid their lives on the line for this country,” Mr. Arends said, adding that he believed DT had hit a nerve by identifying the inefficiencies and breakdowns in veterans’ services.

 Paul Rieckhoff, the founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, tweeted after the event,”Just learned Trump did an event today announcing he’s been endorsed by a vets group that nobody’s ever heard of. w/out a real vets platform. Are they a 501c3/c19? Have they ever testified on the hill? Do they have any real programs? What have they done? These are questions to ask.”

“In an interview with ThinkProgress, Arends refused to discuss any information regarding how the group was financed or its leadership. Arends also declined to provid legal forms he claims to have file with the IRS. A representative from the IRS told ThinkProgress that the agency does not have any forms from Arends’ group on file.”

 The truth will be revealed in hours…


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  1. Great article. The local paper in Sioux Falls, the Argus Leader, interviewed Joel and he has stated he is under attack by the liberal media. I have seen some mention, in other articles, that the irs revoked the non profit status of his group in retaliation for its support of the Donald. In truth, this happened before the event took place or was even planned.
    In the very least he needs to pay the U.S.S. Iowa the correct fee for the event, not that of a non profit.


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