Would Ellie Carson* have been Handcuffed and Sent to Jail for Having a Alarm Clock? STUFF For Sep 18,2015-


One wonders if she had a homemade Alarm Clock in her backpack, would she have gone to jail. Ahmed Mohamed is still waiting for an apology from MacArthur High School officials, or anyone from the Irving Texas Police Department.

(* Ellie Carson was a name from the slanted mind of CityFella and the Picture is from google)

She Kicked Ass!

(End of Story)

Carly Fiorina is NOT da one!

Be Afraid ,Very Afraid…..

Especially the Ass of this man

Who really intended(not really) to tell the racist man who insisted the President wasn’t American,and wanted to rid the country of Muslims we live in the UNITED states.

Whoopi doesn’t like it when you criticize the President.

Many of the candidates during the debate at Ronald Reagan’s Library went after the Prez.   Since they were talking about him, she went after Ronald Reagan

Hey Whoopi chill!  It was a GOP Debate and that’s what goes on during an election period. Give the aids at The View something else to do?  How bout another story about one of the Kardashians?

 Fox40 -I have friends from out of town.

A developer has plans to build a 13-story condo tower at 25th and J streets in midtown Sacramento called Yamanee.


Sacramento is a BIG CITY, with a population larger than Miami, Kansas City, Atlanta and Cleveland.   Yes, we are smaller than Fresno, but Fresno is shrinking into the ground and have you seen the GREAT FRESNO RIVER?  No one has!   Sometimes our local news reports is more small town (Mayberry-Aunt Bee, Barney Fife) rather than the center of a 2.5 million metropolis.   The picture above is a propose condo building in midtown.  On last night FOX 40 news , they reported this building (13 stories) was a major addition to our skyline.   Thirteen stories?  ah no…   One of my friends got a big kick out of the story .  “Wow” a 13 story building!      Aunt Bee, are those pickles ready?

Sometimes it’s NOT that Funny!

The downside of having a group of people who seem to really enjoy each other is the volume. Everything is funny. Witness, “Good Day Sacramento”  there is chemistry most of the time and at times everyone on the set is breaking up but its seems more like an inside joke so if your me ,you grab your wrist and check your pulse. Yep, not funny.   On other shows,the fakery is very obvious but this trio on the End’s  (107.7) Wake Up Call, seem to like each other and at times their fun is overwhelming(that inside joke thing) When that happens I briefly switch to another station, but I Always return. Gavin,Katie and Jason don’t change a thing.

Good News is Bad for TV Ratings

Thousands of people are affected by the fires in Northern California, many has lost all their material possessions .  As I write this there are thousands of people sitting on pins and needles waiting for the call to evacuate!

While the area news outlets show images of the devastation and reports of looting and people dying protecting their homes.

Left to right: Connell, McGinnis and Cesari. (Credit: Lake County Sheriff)

Left to right: Connell, McGinnis and Cesari. (Credit: Lake County Sheriff)

We rarely see images and stories of people ,neighbors, helping each other.

People like Erika of Valley Springs

Just know I’m not ignoring comments and messages. I’ve been baking and cooking all week long for the evacuees. I’ve also been gathering donation items from my closet and pantry. My ADD is kicking in cuz I’m cleaning and organizing too lol. Whew, I’m exhausted but it feels amazing to help my community. Anyone who needs anything, let me know. If I can help, I will.

People like Daniel and Tina Kelly

My wife, Tina and I would like all fire victims to know that they are welcomed to come stay with us. Our home is an old RV park.  We have room for 20 RV’sand many more tent campers so if you need a spot to settle for a while and figure out what you are going to do next, we are here for you. We are damn sure pet friendly too! 

 Barbara who’s family is boarding and feeding animals to everyone without question. 

The following are pictures  from social media, people helping, thanking the Firefighters. Pictures that may not be seen on “Live At Five”


Picture: Maria Camillo via Facebook

Picture::Sarah Spinetta via Facebook

Photos : Stammerjohan Chiropractic via Facebook

Photo: Frankie Smith via Facebook

Photo via Tiffany c’de Baca Moncada via Facebook

Photo: Greg Pilling Via Facebook

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