My Phone is Resting



1.The state of being obsessed with someone or something.

2.An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind

People are obsessed with their cell phones. Many cant walk or talk without them.  Instead of interacting with people, they are having a close personal relationship with their phones.

The phones are watched and nursed ,checked every few seconds.

Did I miss a call? Do I have the sound on,? Did someone text me?

Some infants could hope for such attention.

 In the park,you see parents on their phones  occasionally glancing up to look at their children.

People force us to listen to their intimate conversations in public places.

They delay us on flights, they crash into us without apology (we should have known where they are going)

 At social gatherings, you see the phones, just imagine actually talking to people at a party, who does that?

Movie theaters,  plays ,legendary theater actress Patti LuPone recently stepped off the stage and grabbed a phone from someone in the second row.

I’ve owned  a cell phone for more than twenty years.  My pride and joy was my old Motorola flip phone $150 bucks for elite status.  I was perfectly happy with a basic phone for years.  Texting was stupid, why would I need to text anyone?

Five years ago my daughter gave me her old Blackberry.

My world changed, I text more than I talk on the phone.

I’m not one of those who text people in the same room unless I’m being shady and your family.

People are tethered to their phones. They build their lives around their phone lives that crash, when the battery depletes.

I’ve seen fights and outlet wars at airports.

Cords in aisles at movie theaters waiting for disaster.  Someone dear to me was more concerned about having Wi-fi in the hospital than his heart attack.

A couple of years ago, I turned mine off.   At social gatherings and simply shopping its in the car.

I don’t feel need to be connected 24/7.   If there is a medical emergency call 911.   If you need to talk, leave a message or text me..

Of course, many of my friends and family are outraged, they don’t understand the concept or actually having a life without  a  strong signal .

I find, without my phone, I am more respective.   I’ve noticed at meetings when one person reaches for his phone others reach for their phones.I used to be one of them.

Today,I can actually talk to people. (what a concept)  No more walking into people, doors.

I find untethered people are more aware and they smile more.

I’ve actually heard someone in a bar complaining on the phone. that no one talked to her. (Hello?)

A friend sent me a message on Facebook, Where’s your phone?  I’ts resting.