Tainted Water? Philly Congressman Bob Brady steals the Pope’s Water

Rep. Bob Brady in his office sharing a glass of water previously used by Pope Francis with Staff Assistant Colleen Carlos.

Look closely at this picture, the tightness around the mouth.  Just by her expression you can tell Bob Brady’s aid Colleen Carlos aid is thrilled to drink out of the same glass that four others before her sipped out of .

Background: Shortly after Pope Francis addressed Congress on Thursday. Congressman Bob Brady made a Bee line for his holiness drinking water.

With the prize in hand, he shared the Pope’s water with his wife, mother and the super excited Colleen.

Rep. Joe Crawley also joined in, but stopped short of sipping from the glass. They instead dipped their fingers in and “blessed themselves,”

The rest went into a bottle where he plans to sprinkle it on his grandchildren. ( I’m sure the older ones cant wait!)

I’m sure it’s blessed if the Pope drank out of it. Why not?” Brady said. “If not, I’m saying it is.”

Is the water holy? and if he swiped it, does it retain its holiness?

Catholic Experts say, the water ins’t holy unless the Pope blessed it before drinking it, which means it an ordinary bottle of water.

For Bob Brady,who is Catholic. As long as the Pope’s lips touched it glass, its good enough for him.

As for poor Colleen, did she drink before or after Crawley dipped his finger into the glass ?

Come on say it with me euuuuuuu!