Clubbin in London: DSTRKT is not your club if your Too Fat or Too Dark

Zalika Miller

DSTRKT in London’s West End is the place to be if your someone like Drake or Rihanna, but if your a bit too fat or a bit too dark, this isn’t your place.  

 Last weekend, , Zalika Miller, Lin Mei, Reisha, and Tasha Campbell wanting to get their dance on headed to the trendy club at #9 Rupert Street.

When the ladies arrived at 10 pm they were told the club was full.  How so nevah other women were allowed to enter.

“Record Screech”

Needing some clarity (quick,fast and in a hurry!)

Mei said,Ugo Allessio, the manager, requested the women line up against a wall across the street so he could look them over via closed circuit TV. Several moments later, the promoter, known as Daniel, came back and said that although he thought the women were attractive, his manager disagreed. “Daniel came over to me and stated it’s because the girls are too dark,” Mei explained via email. “When I told the girls they were disgusted.”

When Mei (who is biracial) confronted Allessio for being offensive, he conceded that she and another friend could come in but the two would have to be left behind.

The Power of Social Media!

This isn’t Over!

Facebook, Instagram, the local papers, the BBC and the New York Papers, these ladies were serious.

On social media, dozens of other partygoers – including BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Sarah-Jane Crawford – said they had experienced racist door policies at high-end clubs.

protests at DSTRKT..

 DSTRKT (no comment)


Westminister City council, that licenses the venue, Dstrkt, said it was concerned by the allegations and said anyone who had been affected should report their complaints to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The management said: “DSTRKT restaurant and late night lounge has always operated an anti-racist door policy.

“It condemns any type of racism or discrimination by customer or staff.  “They said, they conducted a through investigation and at no point did staff say the women wouldn’t be allowed in on the basis of skin color or size.  “Comments made by external promoters to the women or in general have nothing to do with Dstrkt and aren’t deemed acceptable,” it said, adding that the women had been denied entry on Saturday because the club was fully booked.

They posted a statement of their Facebook page which said it has “always operated an anti-racist door policy and it condemns any type of racism or discrimination by customers or staff”.

The club posted pictures from inside the club of two of the women concerned on a previous visit, though Mei said she had never disputed that she had been allowed in the club previously.

The club’s management also said: “At least two of the women who made the complaint against DSTRKT, Lin Mei and Zalika Miller, have been allowed entry to our venue in the past as can been seen on Lin Mei’s Instagram account @linmeitalks from 12 weeks ago which showed a picture of her enjoying herself at our venue with two other friends and the message stated ‘… And again #nightout #dstrkt’.

“It appears that this message has now been deleted from her account but this clearly shows that the only reason she was turned away on the night of the 26 September was that the club was fully booked due to its popularity. ”

A Billion Years Ago

For five  days my friend Jennifer and I stood in line at New York’s Studio 54.  The people making the decision of who gets in were beyond cruel.   They would tell people they were too ugly or fat and despite these insults, most people remained in line.  It was degrading and exciting and  watching Limo’s and Rolls Royce’s pulling up to the club.  One night we saw  Mrs Bianca Jagger and Sally Kellerman enter the club. It was fun to watch pretenders step out hourly Limo’s, confidently handing the men folded hundred dollar bills and then escorted to the end of the line with date in tow.  If there was a couple they would allow one of them to go inside.   Cruel, terrible right?  Who would do that?

On a drizzling Saturday night. It was a threesome, my friend her boyfriend and me.   After 45 minutes we were near the front, we knew we weren’t getting in but at least we could see the celebrities up close.  One of the men said two of us could go in.  I assumed, they meant Jennifer and her soon to be husband .  Nope!  Before I could argue, Jennifer went in without saying anything to her stunned boyfriend or me. Then the man looked at me as if the say your going in?  I didn’t know what to do..   Ah, bye.

Not sure how are why I was let in, I was clearly the big (non celebrity) man inside.  It was wonderland, filled with beautiful people.  I danced holding in my stomach as much as I could.  The only negative was the bathrooms (co-ed) filled with nasty water and cigarettes.

We closed down the club and  went to Chock Full of Nuts Restaurant for french fries and coffee and talked the night away about our experience.   Arriving at the apartment, her boyfriend locked us out.   We rode on the subway until he went to work.   He didn’t speak to us for a few of days.


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