Dr.Ben Carson: Surgeon, Presidential Candidate ,Comedian

Who is Ben Carson?

I wanted to know who he was, I wanted to know his appeal and I wanted to know why people were drawn to him?  Perhaps I could learn something about him during the debates.

 So I settled in, I knew there was going to be a show, D.T was front and center.  I wanted to hear Dr Benjamin Carson.

 I wasn’t quite ready during the first debate, his nearly monotone voice with promise.    But I drifted off shortly after he began to speak,and when work up Ted Cruz was on the screen.

“Shock Horror!”

Waking up to Ted Cruz! m0ving on.

So I armed myself for the next Republican debate,by strapping two medium sized rubber bands to my wrists.  I was determine to get to know Ben Carson.  Perhaps it was the Subway Sandwich  .I ate.    So powerful, the good doctor, when he spoke I fell asleep missing the remaining event.

Back to the good doctor and brilliant (I hear) surgeon what’s his story?  Every time see him on the telly, I wake up to a Progressive Commercial.   Love that Flo! 

Slow fade, Carly Fiorina  blasted D.T.

(Who stood there and was probably saying to himself over and over Bitch !Bitch! Bitch! and the Bitches love me!)

Then one day,  I heard him speak  The Great Doctor was on TV and I became a fan, a stalker ,this man is funny!

If he were in Oregon he told CNN, “I would not just stand there and let him shoot me,” “I would say, ‘Hey guys, everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all.'”


Knock Three Times on the Ceiling if your want me!

It was unbelievable, he cant believe this shit?

Then he added this Gem

Background:  For years if you wanted Popeye’s Chicken, you had to drive across the tracks.  You wouldn’t fine a Popeye’s next to The Whole Earth Foods.


“B Carson the Gangsta” member of Maryland’s notorious GOP squad”

Say’s he was in a Baltimore Popeye’s chicken restaurant as it was being held up. Carson said, he told the gunman he wasn’t the person the robber was looking for: “The guy comes in, put the gun in my ribs. And I just said, ‘I believe that you want the guy behind the counter. Come on, really?  With his hood speak  the gunman would be forced to shoot “B” before he forgot what he came in to for!

Then yesterday, the Surgeon, Presidential Candidate and Comedian,gave us another one yesterday.

He told George Stephanopoulos, Osama bin Laden could have been sniffed out sooner, all we had to do was threaten Saudi Arabia with energy independence would have done the trick. They would have been shaking in their boots.


Who Knew?

The Great doctor lives in a land filled with cupcakes and lollipops. His personal song is “Its a small world after all ”

Let’s go again and again and again

And I want more!

Wonder how he would solve the problems in  Chicago?.

Hey, don’t shoot me, shoot the old lady!

CityFella !


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  1. Must disagree with you here Dr Carson’s is being made fun of my media. He is a kind man with grace. The other politicians are decisive. Dr Carson peaceful approach can help this country heal.


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