Mayor Kevin Johnson Done!

In an E-mail to the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said he would not seek a third team.

In recent months the Mayor has been in the center of controversy.  From, lawsuits to unsubstantiated charge of sexual harassment by a former city employee.

A nearly 20 year old incident involving a young girl in Phoenix has resurfaced. The website Deadspin interviewed the woman now 36.  National news agencies and websites  are questioning his actions as President of the National National Conference of Black Mayors, questions  concerning the mayors and his wife Michelle Rhee non profit organizations.

Some believe the website Deadspin is responsible for the Mayors troubles. Others, site his lawsuit against Sacramento News and Review. Nationally, many journalists and bloggers believe the Mayors suit is without merit and is supporting the SNR.

The Mayor could face other legal challenges in the coming months.

Bad News for KJ (click link for story)

In an interesting move: The SacBee says Councilwoman  Angeligue Ashby  in planning to announce her intent to run for Mayor this afternoon?   Coincidence?

Computer says NO!



One thought on “Mayor Kevin Johnson Done!

  1. I voted for KJ twice and I would again. We have all made mistakes in our past. I think that woman was paid to embarrass him. Why now? Why after all this time does she come forward and why was the police tape allow to come out. KJ made people look at this trifalin town, look at what’s happening downtown. that’s all KJ. I think he was the best Mayor this city had in my 29 years.


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