A South Carolina beating over a cup of Kool Aid

Who doesn’t love Kool Aid? 

 Generations recognize that smiling pitcher

Kool Aid is a mixer, some people add fruit, they make it into Popsicle’s and some people use it to color their hair. 

Kool-Aid has been with us for nearly 90 years.  The drink was invented by Edwin Perkins  in Hastings Nebraska. Its the state’s official Soft Drink 

 Some people are SERIOUS about their Kool-Aid.

32 year old Armon Magellan Jones is SERIOUS about his Kool Aid!

Last Saturday Night, Armon’s stepdad John Lesley told the Red Rock South Carolina Police Department that they were in a SERIOUS argument over a cup of Kool Aid Lesley had knocked over.

The argument escalated over the Kool Aid ( I’m assuming that was the last cup) with Armon attacking his stepdad. 

With the PoPo on route.  Armon slipped on his turbo charged Nike’s he and was gone!

Not sure Y? Perhaps it was cold outside-but he returned two hours later.

His stepdad, heard him come in and called the Red Rock Police. The officers found him hiding behind his bedroom door. 

Armon was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

Armon you gotta watch yourself, rumor is,while they have Kool Aid in Jail, getting sugar could be challenging. (Just sayin! )