I remember turning twenty one, it meant that I was official.  I turned twenty one in New York City it was the seventies.  At twenty one I had all the answers in the cosmos and knew absolutely nothing.

At twenty one, I wanted everyone to love me and pushed nearly all forms of common sense aside and found myself in questionable places,   At twenty I was an unofficial virgin.  At twenty one, all I needed was a touch or an overt suggestion.

I had sex with many strangers AND even though I didn’t like the taste of alcohol and I didn’t smoke or liked things up my nose, I did them all because I was twenty one.

After some unfortunate hits of Acid, I regained control of my life by 22.  Control was more important than popularity.

Everyone at one point of their life was twenty one.   Survivors look back an shake their heads.  Imagine being judged based on your actions or actions when you were twenty one.

Imagine being Monica Lewinsky she was twenty one when she crushed on the President, a man who was more than twice her age.

Her life was dissected, pulled apart. By the time she was 24 she owed millions in legal fees.  There is no history of drugs and alcohol, she did crush and had an affair with another older man before Bill Clinton. But that’s the end of it.

The President lied and he and his family were embarrassed. When the dust settled he flourished, and today is more popular than ever.  The public (especially women) have not forgiven Monica.  In her early twenties she made an error in judgement an error another twenty one year old is making as you read this.

Today she is in her early forties. In a resent radio interview with Andy Cohen on Sirius Xm ,she seem resigned but scarred. She worries about how she will be received by the children in her life when they read about her error in judgement.

For most of us, the forties represent a time where we can look back and with a sigh and say I can’t believe I did that and survived, but I was twenty one.