Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller could spend 5 years in the Joint for Fraud

Another Reality Star could be heading to the Big House.   Lifetime’s  Queen of Mean Abby (I scream at little ones) Lee Miller could join Bravo’s reality star Teresa Giudice in the BH.

Earlier this month, a Pittsburgh grand jury charged her with 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud, concealing assets and making false bankruptcy declarations following an investigation by the FBI, IRS and postal inspectors.  Agents said she hid some $755,000 she received in 2012 and 2013.

Ms Miller filed for bankruptcy in 2010. After she reorganized the business, she schemed to defraud the bankruptcy court by hiding her income from the “Dance Moms” show and related spinoffs, as well as from dance instruction sessions and merchandise sales from her website.  Federal agents said she created bank accounts to hide her income and instructed others to conceal income.

In the reorganization plan, she said in 2012 that she would receive some income from her TV show but indicated she did not have a contract for the show from the producer, Collins Avenue Entertainment.


The following month, Ms. Miller suddenly produced $288,000 in income from Collins Avenue, according to the indictment.

Her Attorney told the bankruptcy judge, he was unaware of any contracts and had previously been unaware of the $288,000 until Ms. Miller deposited it into his escrow account. At one point, Ms. Miller said “I didn’t even know about them” in regard to the contracts, the indictment said.

Abby Lee, would join Survivor’s Richard Hatch who served 51 months for tax evasion.  Real Housewives Teresa Giudice who is nearing the end of her 15 months and her husband Joe who will serve 41 months after she is released for bankruptcy fraud.  Waiting in the wings is Jersey Shores Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino  and his brother Marc who have been accused of they filing bogus tax returns on nearly $9 million and claimed millions in personal expenses as business expenses. They are using the Giudice’s attorney Henry Klingeman, the trial will go forward in December.

 Miller could get up to five years in prison an faces a $250,000 fine. She will be arraigned Nov. 5.

Abby Lee has talent.  She could teach in the big house, I’ve seen OZ and Orange is the new black, cant imaging her yelling at the inmates.




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