Free your mind and expand your world this weekend in Yuba City

One of the largest events in the Sacramento Valley will take place this weekend in Yuba City. Nearly 150,000 people will attend the 36th Annual Sikh Parade this weekend .

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What is it? 

Sikh parade in Yuba City is a three day event which commemorates the receipt by Sikhs of their Holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, in 1708

Why should You go?

The root of racism is ignorance.   You will learn about another culture in a festive environment.

The Experience

What Should you expect?

Depends on which day you go and how much you want to learn.  I recommend Sunday (begins at 11am), there is a massive parade with floats .  A lot of food all free.  No one will give you a brochure, no one will walk up to you and try to convert you.    Just take in the views the music and enjoy the food and drink.   Parking is tight.  Should you want to stay in the area this weekend hotel/motel rooms are in very short supply.

Note: I’m a Christian. A friend introduced  me to the festival five years ago. Through the years I learned a lot and made a quite a few friends. Everyone is truly welcome and the people the atmosphere is very warm.  Do understand it is a religious festival so dress respectfully and enjoy. 

If you want to know more

There are events throughout the weekend.


Today October 30

The  Guru Gadee inaugural event  starts off by worship service and kirtan (def) Singing kirtan, the expression of adoration and praise through song, is believed to be the highest form of devotion and a virtue unsurpassed in Sikhism.

Normally there are Fireworks in the evening. This year the event was canceled (1)

Tomorrow ,Saturday, October 31

9 am – Raising of Nishan Sahib, the Sikh flag followed by morning worship and kirtan.
2 pm – Open house, tour of gurdwara(The Temple) complex and grounds.
6 pm until Midnight – Rain sabaee kirtan worship service.


Sunday November 1

11 am – Guru Gadee Nagar Kirtan 36th Annual Sikh Parade. A float bearing Guru Granth Sahib is followed by a procession of floats and devotees winding through the streets of Yuba City along a 4 1/2 mile loop. Dozens of decorative floats.      A gatka sword dancing demonstration.

In addition to these festivities. There is a bazaar with shopping stalls and sellers of hard to find Sikh clothing, articles of faith, books, and a variety of other items such as dry good, blankets and carpets.

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Try these ten tips featuring the Yuba City Annual Sikh Parade, whenever attending Nagar Kirtan for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Paying attention to these 10 pointers when participating in any Sikh parade makes for fun filled festivities:

  1. Locate Nagar Kirtan Start and Finish
  2. Decide on Parking, Meeting Place and Exit Plan
  3. Show Reverence and Respect Wear Appropriate Attire
  4. Abstain From Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use
  5. Eat Your Fill of Free Food and Drinks (Langar)
  6. Watch For Moving Parade Vehicles
  7. Walk Beside, or Take a Ride on Floats
  8. Shop for Religious Items at Bazaar
  9. Freshen Up with Sanitary Facilities
  10. Participate in Seva Preparation and Clean-up

Directions From Sacramento

North 5/99

After Del Paso Road ( Right Lanes)

Follow signs Hwy99 ( Yuba City/Marysville)

As You Enter Yuba City

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto State Hwy 20 W

Take Butte House Rd to Tierra Buena Rd in Tierra Buena

Turn right onto Tharp Rd

Turn left onto Butte House Rd

Turn right onto Tierra Buena Rd

2468 Tierra Buena Rd

(1)The fireworks display that traditionally kicks off the Sikh Festival on Friday has been which has been racked with protests and unrest following the desecration of their holy scripture earlier this month. The fireworks during the festival are a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness