363 Days Before Halloween “Angelique Ashby Believes in the Great Pumpkin” Oakland Raiders and the 49ers-Too Much Nay Nay-

If you didn’t get enough candy last weekend, this is your week. Stores needing space for Thanksgiving and Christmas displays, will be marking candy down as much as 75% off.  I’m putting mine in a Weight Watcher Bag with a bag of soy chips on top.

You have to admire Angelique Ashby’s innocence. (One wonders if she sat in one of those big fields in Natomas waiting for the Great pumpkin this weekend) Before Mayor Kevin Johnson could step down from the podium. Angelique was stepping up announcing she was running for mayor.

A few days later, former State Senator Darrell Steinberg announced he was also running for the city’s top chair, When Steinberg publicly announced he was running, he was surrounded by men with deep pockets.  Steinberg also has a few coins of his own. A reported 1.4 million coins.   Over the weekend she tweeted-Steinberg should donate the money to a worthy cause. No worries there Ms Ashby, I sure he has just the cause.   As for your campaign,perhaps a few hundred bake sales are in order.  Pumpkin cookies, Yum!

Mayor Johnson’s image may be tarnished, but he is a large presence in the business community and quite a few coins for the right and patient candidate.

If your a Raiders fan, your heart is racing,you cant stop dancing.  Two wins in a row!  I’m a lifelong Raiders fan, which means I’m very insecure. Even when they have had a huge lead in the third, I have seen them collapse in the fourth quarter.   Yesterday, they were a smooth machine as they spanked the New York Jets. 34 to 20
The only issue I had with the game was with Fox Sports. Who would show images of San Francisco even though the game was played in beautiful Oakland

The opposite WAS true of the Niners.  If they had a lead early in the second quarter. Niners fans could confidently uncork the “78” and order brie and water crackers served on an environmental friendly tray.  But that was so 2011.   Today, many of the fans are having Berka’s delivered by Amazon.  (Prime members in Sacramento can get their Berka’s in two hours or less!)
Yesterday, they were spanked by St Louis 26 to 6 and sent to bed early without pudding cup.   There has to be an alternative to Colin Kaepernick and the defense. He’s becoming too comfortable in this position.
St. Louis Rams v San Francisco 49ers

There were many many parties in Sacratomatoville this weekend.  What most of them had in common was  Silento’s “Watch it” (Whip/Nae Nae)  and somewhere between eleven and one I injured my Nae Nae.  I can Whip it, as long as its slow.  There will be no stanky legs until my Nae Nae fully recovers.