The Republican Party to Latinos: Vote for Hillary, George or any other Democrat in 2016 see ya in 2020

In 2012, Mitt Romney won 27 percent of the Latino vote, lower than both George W. Bush and his father George H.  In 2013 the Republican Party made Latino outreach a key goal of 2016.

The party was silent when D.T proclaimed the immigrants from Mexico weren’t honorable people.

After the horrendous debate last week on CNBC the Republican National Committee severed all ties with NBC , which includes Telemundo, the second largest (after Univision)Spanish-language network in the US.  Jeb Bush’s campaign lobbied to reinstate the only GOP debate set to air on a Spanish-language TV network.  D.T campaigned threaten to boycott the event.

Meanwhile, the Democrat’s who will have a debate March 9 on Univision in Miami is in talks with Telemundo.

For some Latino voters, the party is being lead by  D.T., the man who believes Mexicans are vile people.

According to the Center of American Progress 66,000 Latinos become eligible to vote each month.  As of 2014, one in four children in the United States—17.6 million total—were Latino.

Many members of the media feel the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot.

 All over America, Spanish speaking radio and television stations and print media will confirm the Republican Party isnt interested in them.