The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Season 8 Episode 1 “Bringng Shady Back!”

Eight seasons, this time without the mouth  Nene Leaks. The official title of this episode is “The Shades of it”.  I have renamed it bringing shady back.   This season the big news is the newest cast member, Kim Fields who we will officially meet next week. But the real news is who they dusted up.   Danger Shade  ” Marlo Hampton’ and the wonderful  Chateau and Fashionless Shade ‘

Everyone stand for

“Miss Sheree Whitfield “

“The Let’s Be Clear File”

Porsha has her “Peach back and is no longer second class.

Kenya will continue to earn her coins, by stirring the cauldron.

The Cynthia and Peter drama will have a large role this season.

Pheadra is s-l-o-w-l-y fading.

The filler file

Kandi and Todd are expecting. Kandi being over 35 needs to slow down, which in her case means, no more hand  washing clothes in the cement pond.   No shade, Kandi has the real money, but you have never seen cooks, or staff.  She does her own wash.

Apollo tells Todd, Phaedra is calling once a month. Phaedra is still considering a divorce.

Kandi and Phaedra are still on the outs. Porsha has replaced Nene as her bosom buddy.   Todd is storing Apollo’s things while he is locked up in the joint.  Meanwhile, Todd is suddenly pissed over money Phaedra owns them from a Work out video some two seasons ago.  ahhhhhhh

Porsha is dating a twenty four year old she met on social media.  She want to be a Sugah Momma !   oy!

Chateau Kenya?

Kenya buys a home in posh Buckhead near the infamous Chateau Sheree.  She takes her pal Cynthia to see her new place.  As neighbors, she wonders if Sheree would come by to ask for coffee or money for the light bill?

She says “people” have called the Chateau Sheree an eyesore.

But it was Cynthia who saw an eyesore.  Kenya’s Palace is a boarded up eyesore with exposed wood and wires which could do double duty as a crack shack.       Cynthia response was church lady classic.     Oh?

You want Drama, You Got Drama!

Someone filmed Peter hugged up some with young thang at his newest Bar One location in Charlotte. In the video, they look like they were kissing and at one point Mr Thomas hand felt the curves of her mammaries.  The vid went viral.

Peters infidelity has been questioned in the past, but here it is in HD.  Cynthia is not pleased especially since she questioned the infidelity of Apollo. Opps shocka locka!

This is not an Happy Face!

Peter did his worse to play it off.  Basically what your seeing,didn’t really happen.  Then he tried to walk away.  A tone that said , she could actually kill me.  Peter sat down!     Cynthia was angry and humiliated.

Meanwhile the ladies were licking their chops.  Everybody Talkin!

Malorie, her wonderful comforting sister who you know cant stand Peter.  Asked her if she was attacked to Peter nakkid?


Not sure what his being Nakkid? But Hey its MALORIE!

“The Main Event”

Cynthia’s launches her fashion eye wear event. The rooftop party is packed. Everyone is there except Cynthia. The gums were flapping about Peters video.

Peter enters and is attacked by Kenya who is defending her girl.  Peter has attitude,like yeah I was caught, Fuck You!  Kenya wasn’t feeling it!

Express Mal

Kenya and Malorie shares the Kenya confrontation with the other women.  Then Malorie, her wonderful comforting sister, tells the ladies that her sister is utterly revolted by Peter’s naked body.  Now you know this is going to be some shit down the road (someone needs to run over Mal with a golf cart) .

Everybody Said!

Marlo Hampton makes her entrance. Looking good and wanting free stuff.  Then in a dramatic fail (sorry Bravo) we see Ms Sheree Whitfield, she greeted everyone (air kisses my friends) seemed happy to be back

(Cue Scary Music)

Kenya and Sheree are relative strangers.  So a confused Sheree learns that Kenya is a neighbor and that everyone hates her because she’s been building her house for four years.  Then Kenya went all in screaming about how Sheree’s bitch ass can’t move in yet!

Everybody Kenya?

Well one neighbor? uh huh!

Now we all know, Sheree is not the one!

After a few bitch asses, the ladies had to separate the two after all this WAS Cynthia’s Event.

Baby!, Baby!, Baby!

At one point Cynthia looked like a no-show to her own event. But a beautiful Ms Bailey made “THE ENTRANCE”

She came down this winding staircase wearing an white and gold caftan and Gold (I got dis heels). At one point she sweeps that caftan over her should to reveal she is wearing a white bikini underneath and the bod is sick!

She made it clear to the world to Atlanta and to Peter (who said she showed her ass)

The”Lyrics from TLC” says it best

Baby, Long as you know that I could have any man I want to
Baby that’s actual and factual
But still I choose you to be with me
And work on me so you better not flake it up


Next Week Enter M’s Kim Fields



  1. Kenya Moore is a bitch she fucks up this show. I cant believe Marlo is talking to her. Sheree body is sick, but she looks old.


  2. I have no respect for Cynthia, she plays all hard on camera and Uncle Ben fucks over her. I think Marlo is a man?


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