Outside Burn Inside Cool

A story without an ending 

A field trip to Disneyland.  Two days 100 students from a Northern California High School.  On one of the buses a group of kids are joking making fun of each other.  The laughter is loud, everyone is in good spirits.

One of the boys imitates a boy in his neighborhood.  The boy has down syndrome and is well loved by everyone. The imitation is spot on, not everyone laughs, a couple of the guys and a few of the girls are not comfortable with the joke and tells the boy, not to make fun of the boy. But they eventually get caught up in the wave of laughter.   Others join in, doing their own versions of the boy.  The laughter drowns out all conversation on the bus and before you know it, nearly everyone including the driver is laughing.

Nearly everyone.  On the bus was the boys neighbor,who lives next door to the boy in question and has known him all his life.    Also on the bus was his cousin.   The two uncomfortably stared out the window.  At one point, the cousin starts to cry, the person next to her notices and asks her whats wrong.  She told her that was her cousin and it was mean to make fun of someone with down syndrome.  The girl, stands up and tells everyone to stop.

Some people were embarrassed when they learned that his cousin was on the bus.

However, some of the boys said they were just joking.  Then they attacked her, it wasn’t her cousin?  And her cousin should be able to laugh.  None of this was serious and she should loosen up.  Some of the people made fun of both girls.  One girl said they shouldn’t have come.

The laughter continued, but fewer people. The bus driver said, they shouldn’t make fun of a handicapped boy.

After a few minutes the snickering ended and the bus grew silent.

When they returned home, the neighbor of the boy told the boy’s older brother what happened on the trip.  He named names.   The incensed brother and his friend went looking for the boys and found one of them in the park.   Before the boy could speak , the brother hit him and bloodied  his nose.   They couldn’t find the other boys and when they arrived home a large older man was standing on the lawn, he was boys uncle who was there to confront they people who bloodied his nephews nose.

There was a lot of shouting, and just before it escalated,  His mother and his brother with down syndrome pulled into the driveway.  The two jumped out of the car.


People are often insensitive of other feelings and their actions are often based on ignorance. Outside of the group, people often make rational decisions  as they think about how their actions may affect someone else.

Inside the group,the participants often becomes of one mind.   Studies consistently show that if given the means and permission to do so, people can quickly become surprisingly sadistic.   If your outside the group your told you don’t have a sense of humor, your viewed as whiner and trouble maker.

No race,sex or group is exempt.

The Sea of Hopelessness at School and in the Workplace

It is challenging to be in the minority, viewed as the outsider.  You are often viewed as the troublemaker or potential troublemaker.    However your locked in an environment where your sex, culture,language is challenged by the hour, and who you are is of limited value.

When the minority make the difficult decision to ask for assistance, his expectations are low.  He or she knows that the person is not likely equipped to address your reality.  He or she are told to assimilate,, told it isn’t as bad as they make it seem and with effort  it will get better over time.

The Last stand in Columbia  

Since Mr. Wolfe joined the University of Missouri system as president in 2012, there have been a slew of racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., incidents,” Student Jonathan Butler wrote in a letter when he started his hunger strike on Nov. 2.  A few days ago Mr Wolfe resigned.

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