RHOA: Season 8 Episode 2 Will RHOA unleash Kim Fields dark side?

Kim Fields aka Tootie, Regine Hunter and the little girl who found her way into Mrs Butterworth’s heart, may be too normal  for RHOA. She has a normal family , she and her husband rears their own children without a Nanny.  She has an adoring husband and it gets worse, a level head.  She seems unaffected by expensive cars, shoes and bags (Why is she in Atlanta?)  She doesn’t attend Red Carpet events unless they involve her.  She’s not a drinker…

One of the things I liked about this season of the Real Housewives of New York was a bit or normalcy.  Last season RHOA  was heading that way as long as the mouth  (Nene Leaks) wasn’t there.  So I question. how long  Kim will appear on the show.  Without some infidelity, suggested or otherwise, or a Monster Joyce lurking some where in the background , this may be her first and final season.

Providing her own drama is Kenya Moore.   Episode 2 began where episode 1 left off. At Cynthia event on the rooftop of the Hilton Garden Inn where she was provoking Sheree.   A new mature (I’ve found Jesus) Sheree.  Who said she’s reformed . Bravo then took us on a short tour of her greatest fights. (who can’t forget her shifting Kim Zolciak’s wig)    Most of the ladies were surprised by Kenya’s  attack.  Kenya being Kenya, blamed Sheree and then ,after all the low down shit she said about Sheree then apologized for calling her a bitch!

Peter tells Cynthia he is pissed because of the attacks by the ladies, Cynthia says the video is just one  many problems.  Before the party was over, he returned to Charlotte.  Yes CP’ s marriage will play a central role this season. Cynthia needs a divorce alright, from her sister!  Someone who hates her would cause less damage than good old Mal.

Kenya wants Kim to help her on her “As the world twirls , and wants her to direct. A reluctant Kim said she’d look at it.

I’m a professional and I keep things professional. Cynthia tells her business partner she never talks about her private life and then unloads her private life at the feet of her business partner.  Meanwhile, Porsha, is holding a business meeting.  Where she announces she needs a man. and her professional team is talking about how she acts when she has a man.  As a professional she is Always available unless its after 10pm when she needs to face time with her man.

In a recouping sponsored by Bravo, Cynthia and Shady Phaedra, , who hated each other last season are meeting for tea.  Phaedra happily shared the news that Mal shared with the ladies, you know that little thing about Cynthia being not attracted to her husband.  They shared their pain and are tawking. (for now)

Porsha and the Underground Railroad part Du. Porsha, Porsha, Porsha is having a going away party for her youngster. Who is all man! The man gets to meet her entire family at this party (no pressure right?) Porsha learns her sister Lauren is pregnant. she asks her sister how long and her sister says 13 weeks. (wait for it) 13 weeks, to which Porsha says that’s two months right?    Well at least she has her peach.  Still not sure she’s clear about the train. Moving on.

The party for the 24 year old is a production. He is surprised by the hub bubb He meets the ladies, his age is the topic , they Google home boys name  and learned he been seen with a Transgendered women (shade)  Porsha is heads over stupid for this youngster she’s #%S  or known for a few months  (her trophy man )He’s meeting the ladies.  Her stupid isn’t playing well.

We are not going to truly going to talk about what going on between us., Kandi, and Phaedra.  Once again Kandi lays it out.   She thinks they are cool and then learns from someone else they’re not.    Phaedra takes a hard left and says she heard that Apollo’s bikes are at Kandi’s, she says the Fed’s where looking for his assets.  Then she makes another left , talks about Apollo being in jail and her children being in private school and Apollo’s legal bills.  Then another left, she blames Todd for being in the strip clubs with her husband..  Then Kandi takes a left turn you owe my husband money. They right the ship, crossing finger. She is going to talk to Todd about the money.   They hug it out and before she can reflect, her assistant Don Juan who was listen ,went on an anti-Phaedra rant.


Can this friendship be saved?  Will Porsha be in a threesome with an older Tranny? Will Cynthia change the locks and the joint bank accounts?  Will Sheree forget her training and beat the shit out of Kenya?  Will Kim Fields give up her Kia Sorrento (just kidding-I don’t know what she drives.) and her Target gift card?   We shall see next week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 


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  1. Yes I agree. Sheree’s face even appears softer and more at ease. Will the face of reason turn into the face of shade?? Can’t wait to see!
    I would not put anything pass Porsha at this point.


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