You and Yall at Denny’s

Chicago’s own  Natasha West misunderstood Denny’s “All you can eat ” concept.  Based on her actions, she thought it meant “All ya’ll can eat”.

The 27 year old was sharing her pancakes with a group of hungry diners.

When the Oak Lawn waitress told her it wasn’t all yall can eat for four dollars.  Ms West went all WWF on the staff.  Cussing out the staff throwing air punches.

West and her posse left the restaurant without paying her bill. Kicking a door on the way out.

Natasha looking all pretty in pink

The Staff at the Oak Lawn, Ill Denny’s where on point.

They gave the Police a full description of the get away car and her pancake eating guests

They didn’t make it back into Chicago. The Oak Lawn Police nabbed them before they hit the boarder.

Her boy, 31 year old  Jerome Ivory attempted to give the police false ID.

(that ain’t chu!)

She was charged with assault and damage.

It’s very possible Jerome is still at the police department trying convince them he’s still in Jr High

Natasha now owes Denny’s quite a bit more than four dollars and a tip.

Can you say Stupid!