The handbag that tells you when you spend too much

The Sun
A NEW handbag aims to curb overspending — by asking “Do you really need this?” when you take out your credit card.

The hi-tech bag uses audio messages, spoken in an attention-grabbing male Cockney accent, to get its point across.

The warning messages come from a speaker sewn into the bag’s lining and they become louder and more insistent until the card goes back in your bag.

In another barked warning, the bag also says: “You’re already into your overdraft.”

The funny gimmick is the brainchild of students Leanne Fischler, Kirsty Sneddon and Rebecca Smith, who are studying design at Jordanstone College, Dundee.

Leanne, 21, a product design student said: “We live in a consumerist society where we always want to buy more and more.

Students Kirsty Sneddon, Leanne Fischler and Rebecca Smith with their talking handbag.

“The project aims to make people consider what they already own and whether they need to buy more.

“Consumerism is all about presenting yourself favorably and the bag does the opposite by embarrassing you in public.

Leanne explained that the girls made the bag by hand and coded the sound system themselves — which took several weeks.

The discouraging cockney voice behind the messages belongs to Mike Press, Professor for Design Policy at DJCAD.