RHOA Se8Ep4 Someone on the boat is about to get slapped

I’ll Show you mine if you show me yours

Kenya can’t help herself, she sees Sheree at Chateau Sheree and decides to come visit (un huh) the visit is more of an ambush as Kenya try’s to force her way inside.  With the front doors locked she runs to the back of the house with Sheree running behind her.  They agree both homes will be ready by Christmas. Meanwhile she is planning an outing on a boat to cheer her girl Cynthia an invites Sheree.

The Family Business

Cynthia visits Kandi. Peter is back in Charlotte leaving Cynthia alone with her thoughts.      Everyone is concerned about Kandi’s schedule, she needs to slow down, but life doesn’t work that way.   She and Todd are looking for a property to open a family Restaurant. While it isnt the best time, Todd supported her play when the time was wrong, she is going to stand by him.  Cynthia knows this all too well and while the business in Charlotte is doing well she isn’t sure the distance is going to be right for them.

The Play Date 

Phaedra and Kim has a play date. While their children are taught to swim the ladies settle in for a chat.  Kim is not one of the girls, no spas.nail appointment. During the chat, she realizes she has lost her way as she doesn’t make time for herself.

Does Porsha know what a jump off is? 

The Dick Clark Stuck Porsha gets hot and sexy for her Dukey. Who’s turns out to be a no show for face time.  A bulb may have come on.   May!

Commando Shade A Rockin

Cynthia invites her demure friend Tammy to the lake with the ladies. The former ballerina leads a very sheltered life.   Meanwhile in other vehicle we have Kandi and Kim.  As they talk about Kandi’s adult business we learn that Tootie goes commando. Its seems panties are overrated. (maybe less so during a windy day or an unplanned fall)

Meanwhile demure Tammy, is a close friend of Sheree’s ex husband Bob and blurts out Sheree wouldn’t have been with Bob had he not played for the Atlanta Falcons.   Demure?

Joining Kandi an Kim is Porsha and her friend Shemea.    On the bus , Porsha says distance isnt a problem, its only two hours. The divorced Porsha isnt keen on divorce.

Its Kenya’s Party and she is cocked and loaded!

The players: Kandi is cool with every body.  Porsha and Cynthia are off and on buds.  Kenya is cool with Cynthia, she doesn’t like Shemea and is rocky with the rest of the universe. The former demure Tammy could be a time bomb and Kim is going to get a show!

Right off, Kenya was clear, she didn’t invite Shemea and told Porsha so!

Welcome Kim, the next hit on on you!   Kenya announces Kim is 50, (she’s 46)  welcome Kim this is just the first shot.  Kenya tells everyone the event is for her BEST friend Cynthia and shares a bit of private business.  The last to arrive is SHEREE…..(who is cool with everyone so far except Kenya)

The former demure Tammy WANTS Kandi to help her rapper sons in the music business!  Talk about captive!  She tells  every one her husband is Nazi  white, the whitest person in America.   (Either throw her off the boat or jump and swim for shore.)

Start your engines its about to get ugly 

Too much Alcohol and not enough food.   First stop Porsha, who is gyrating toward Cynthia and talks about Peter.  She cant read Cynthia’s sadness…..    Second stop, Kenya is schooling the ladies about taking shots and not being negative (Really Kenya? Really?)     Shemea give as good as she gets and Kenya want her off her boat.    Meanwhile, an irritated Cynthia goes off on Porsha…  Porsha trys to apologize.

Someone violated the cardinal rule of Reality TV,someone put a hand up in someones face….

To see who was slapped, tune in next week

For the record, I’m team Porsha on this one.


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