Yes, the Senator Punched His Girlfriend but he’s not Guilty

Louisana State Senator Troy Brown punched his girlfriend on the 14th floor of the Hyatt Regency New Orleans Saturday night and plead not guilty.

His attorney who appeared on his behalf  on Monday, told the count “He is very remorseful  about the situation.  Whatever happened should not have happened.

Brown, sponsored legislation last spring establishing the Louisiana Domestic Violence  Commission.

Brown has had an 10 year relationship with his girlfriend.   He had been married to Toni Brown for 11 years. They have two children.  On his Facebook page he say’s he is happily married to his wife.

Brown says he is not guilty due to short term memory loss . His girlfriend was seated when the Senator leaned over and struck her in the eye.   He then walked to another part of the hotel.   The police noted minor swelling near the victims  right eye. She said, Brown have grabbed her in the past but never punched her.

Brown said his short term memory loss was a result of life threatening accident in 1991 which resulted in brain damage.  He currently plans to consult with a neurosurgeon, to see if social alcohol is effecting his cognitive functions in ways it has not previously.

(Yes, Senator too much social alcohol can make you stupid-that will be $200 dollars)

For some, the memory loss is convenient, difficult to swallow, making the dog look sideways, resulting in an immediate reaction “Really?

Perhaps the Judge will agree with his short term memory defense next month  AND if the judge does, his wife most certainly will .