Sunni Leader say’s”Women only fit to give birth rear kids


By: Gladwin Emmanuel/Mumbi Mirror

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A prominent Sunni leader from Kerala triggered an outrage on Saturday after he said that women were created to give birth and rear kids. Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker said it is not possible to have gender equality as it is anti-Islam, antihuman and anti-intellect.


A Moment Please

There are many branches of Christianity.  Roman Catholics, Baptist etc.  In Islam, the two main branches is called Shi’ite( shee-eyt)and other being Sunni. (soo-nee)  Karthapuram  Aboobacker is a Sunni.  

Kerala is a state in southern India the estimated population is 34 million.

The cleric was addressing a seminar in Kozhikode, sources said. He said it is men who control the world. “Women lack courage when it comes to facing crisis. Women cannot perform critical surgeries and there are no women heart surgeons.”

Kanthapuram said he was the first to criticize last year’s ‘Kiss of Love’ protest, which started in Kerala to oppose moral policing. “The demand to permit boys and girls sit side by side in colleges is a conspiracy against Islam,” he said referring to a recent incident.

Earlier this month, Farook College in Kozhikode suspended a degree student for protesting its decision to crack down on boys and girls sitting next to each other in classrooms. Later, Kerala HC stayed the suspension.

Kanthapuram also claimed that there is no sexual harassment in madrasas. “Those who level allegations should produce evidence.” V P Rajeena, a Kerala journalist, was in the news this week for receiving online threats over a Facebook post highlighting sexual abuses her classmates suffered in a madrasa years ago.

Slamming the cleric, Devadas Rajaram wrote on Facebook: “Sir, what planet are you living on? I know women surgeons from my family – who do complicated eye, heart, neuro surgeries. I could refer you some names, if you are looking for one.”