“RHOA” S8 Ep5 A Kick to the Stomach the Aftermath

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A finger in the face leads to punch or this case a kick to the Stomach.  In Hulu’s Real Housewives of Orlando a whole episode was devoted to the finger in the face.

Last night was the aftermath of the fight between Cynthia and Porsha.

Porsha was standing over Cynthia (fingers up) and Cynthia kicked Porsha in the stomach.  The ladies thinking it  was just finger stand off ran to the side of the boat.  Porsha  was ready to fight and one of the ships personnel had to lay on top of her to restrain her.   She was like come on Cynthia, I want to talk to Cynthia.

I’m gonna pause here……


Porsha! Porsha! Porsha!  Didn’t you JUST earn your peach back!  After pulling Kenya down.by her hair?

From TMZ: Porsha Williams attacked a woman during a recent ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ shoot because the chick brought the wrong dude to a holiday party.

We’re told cameras were rolling when Porsha’s good friend Jami Ziegler floated into the shindig on the arm of a man, and something about that man pushed Porsha over the edge.

Sources say Porsha first tried to get Jami booted from the party, but she left on her own. We’re told Porsha followed Jami outside, shoved her to the ground … then started punching and pulling hair.

Porsha strikes first and then realizes what she has done.  After she pulled Kenya down she realized it could have cost her the job.  Last night, it hit her after the fact   While this time I have to say I am team Porsha on this one, she needs to take a second before she strikes.   She needs to take a note from Nene.  Ms Leaks is always aware of her paycheck.

At one point Sheree said “Girl Shut Up”

Moo-ving On

Baby I need you NOW!

Cynthia calls Peter in Charlotte and asks him to come home.  While Peter was happy his wife called him he seemed a bit proud of her wanted details of the fight(did you give her a upper cut? )  Cynthia wasn’t feeling it .She just wanted to talk, she had never been in a physical altercation before.

Ma, look what they’ve done to me!

Porsha has a few bruises and visible marks, most coming from when the ship personal tried to restrain her.

The Aftermath

The rest of the episode was about everyone take on the fight.

Remember Tammy?  The lady who was trying to talk to Kandi about her sons record career?   No one could find her after the fight.  Did she go overboard.  No Tammy scrammed. big bad Tammy went below and waited for the finger to clear.

My favorite comment  was from someone who wasn’t there.  Phaedra, said there was stilettos and blood .

Kim is still in shock!

Kenya spoke to her very wise aunt Lori. Who suggested Kenya get every one together and talk it out while its still fresh.

“The Meeting”

Real Women

Taking  her aunt suggestion Kenya invites the ladies for a sit down.  She meets with her old nemesis first Porsha.  There is nothing natural here, Porsha, doesn’t like her doesn’t trust her. But this wasn’t about Kenya it was about Cynthia.

Kandi was on time to the meeting. Kim arrived on time and was miffed because the hostess was late (poor woman-she will soon learn none of them are on time.)   The group was stunned when Porsha and Kenya arrives together.

Cynthia and Porsha left the group and talked in another room.  Cynthia asks Porsha is she okay.  Porsha says it was just some bruising , but she was more hurt emotionally by what happened on the boat.    Meanwhile  Kenya in the room with the other women is talking shit. She could have left it alone and sit back and enjoy the peace. But this is Kenya who goes negative . Porsha never wants to take responsibility for her emotions.

She tries Kandi. who lays the big one on her front and center.  Sometimes, Kenya, I feel like you’re good at pointing out what the other person has done, but you don’t always be good at pointing out what you do yourself.”

Meanwhile in the other room its clear there is something there. Cynthia was clearly remorseful and Porsha anger subsided. The two hug it out.

For the first time in RHOA we may have seen a closing.  Adult women working it out.  Yey!

Next Week Will Porsha duke it out with Michelle Obama?  Will Phaedra Present the bloody Stiletto?  Will Bravo Take her Peach and the Pit?   Will Kim Fields Binge watch RHOA’ seasons 5 through 7? Will we see more of Tammy?  

See ya next Monday

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