Muslim Lives Matter

By CityFella

This is a very sad time in my America.  It seems every other day, a black man is killed by the police.  On social media,images are replayed  of black, brown men killed by the police.   For most of my four hour flight last week I watched the San Bernardino Massacre unfold on the small screen before me.

The news of late is very dark, France, Isis, concerns of World War 3 had taken a toll on this news junkie.  My stomach hurts with a dull pain.

Channel surfing , I stop at to look at the king of news Donald Trump, who wanted to ban Muslims from entering the country.  If that wasn’t disturbing enough, the enthusiastic response from the audience made me sad.

Being vigilant is part being a Muslim in this country, after Paris many Muslim families avoid public places.  Here in Sacramento, my friend wife was verbally attacked by passers by in the parking lot of a Target in Citrus Heights. Last weekend he told his teenage children they couldn’t visit the mall or go anywhere without him or his brother. This is from a man who was born and raised here in the Sacramento Valley.

Donald Trump’s statement may have open the doors for a segment of the population to commit acts of violence against Muslims.

The facts be dammed. Many people are convinced Muslims hate America!  It isn’t important that most of the terroristic acts in this country are committed by self proclaimed Christians.

Donald and the other Republicans were mostly silent when Christian Robert Lewis Dear Jr killed three innocent people and forever changed the lives of nine others in Colorado Springs.    One political pundit said Muslims should come out and denounce the radicals in their faith.  Where are the televangelist and other high profile Christians? Why aren’t they denouncing the radical Christians?

Attacks on Muslims, including those suspected of being Muslims have spiked throughout the nation. Like Christians, Muslims come in many hues. Here in Sacramento, members of the Sikh community are routinely mistaken as Muslim.

As a person of color, a black man, attacks on other persons of color doesn’t sit well.  I’ve seen groups of black men, brown men lined up by the police with some of their rights stripped away because of where they lived.   This country has placed Japanese and Italians in Internment Camps taking away their rights as Americans.   So this makes me uncomfortable.

Muslim Live Matters. Despite everything your hear. Most where born in this country of immigrants. I’m troubled when I hear ignorance. This ignorance propagated by ignorant politicians. These attacks takes me back to a time not very long ago when people opposed to change attacked blacks and other people of color. So again I’m uncomfortable when other Americans are attacked due to their looks and perceived beliefs.

The insult to all of this is, I don’t believe Trump believes his own rhetoric.  As an international business person, he has to be respectful and sensitive to the culture and the people of those countries. Needing the cooperation of a government, I can’t imagine him going into an country and calling those citizens and rapists murderers.

No politician (in my lifetime) has successfully manipulated the media as Trump has.  Jeb Bush has spent millions with little success.  Trump’s shtick is being provocative and appearing strong in front of large crowds.  Like many GOP politicians, he is performing for a very narrow base.  He is attacking groups who are unlikely to vote for him. To maintain his lead in the polls His public position on being strong he attacks a vulnerable community and puts them in harms way.

If there is a silver lining, Donald’s Narcissism will cost him in the business community. He has damaged his brand that he has spent a lifetime building.  Latin and other groups are less likely to book meetings conventions in his properties.  His position of Mexicans has damaged him beyond Mexico.  His position of Muslims has gone global. His skillful manipulation of the media has saved him millions. His words has cost him millions tarnishing his brand.  This Morning, I received a call from a friend from Melbourne Australia  who asked, your not going to elect this idiot?